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Oct 22

What is a Long term Nurture email campaign?

By Lucy Barfoot | Behaviour

Why should you have one, and what should it contain? A Long Term Nurture email campaign is an automated sequence of emails, triggered by someone joining your list, which delivers value-add emails.  It should be considered as one of any business’ customer engagement strategies.  In this blog, I’ll be encouraging you to have a Long Term Nurture campaign […]

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Oct 10

Progressive Profiling: Behavioural Segmentation From Customer Behaviour

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour

What it is progressive profiling? Progressive profiling is a method of behaviourally segmenting your audience based on their interest and engagement with your content and sales materials.  While it sounds like something you’d hear about on a cop drama TV series, it’s actually a really intelligent way to not only get more sales, but create happier customers.  It’s […]

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Sep 10

What are useful testimonials and why do I need them?

By Beka Ventham | Behaviour

Why are testimonials so important to your business?  What value does a testimonial from a client add to your reputation? Not all testimonials are relevant and not all testimonials are created equally. Testimonials that offer shoddy quality can actually drag your business down. People don’t respond to lack lustre standards. Because of this, it’s super important that we know;What […]

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Why use emojis in subject lines
Aug 19

Why use Emojis in email subject lines?

By Lucy Barfoot | Behaviour

Emojis in subject lines draw attention. They stand out in a bit of a dull world.  Let’s admit it – inboxes can be pretty dull.  Depending on how strict you are at keeping to ‘Inbox Zero’, a lot of emails get scan-read and lost in the mix of unopened mail.  If you’re looking to increase your open rates, […]

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