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What workshops do we offer?

Get away from work, and focus fully on the task at hand, with expert guidance, and awesome people. Join us at our legendary workshops.

We’ve got a lot different workshops so no matter what part of your marketing automation or customer journey you need help with we’ve got something to help. 

What you see is what you get – brilliant results for the price tag. No hidden costs, no tricks and with your business needs at the forefront.



We’ll walk you through your life cycle marketing plan step by step, you’ll be in the room with a handful of other businesses focused on the very same task. You’ll leave with a comprehensive plan.


Creating an amazing and impactful content plan needs focus. It needs to be strategic, structured and flexible. You’ll leave with a complete content plan, and an action list for what to be focusing on next.


Need to get something very specific out there? Spend the day learning how to map your plan out. 

You’ll leave with a flow of what needs doing, and an action plan of who needs to do what, what needs creating, and your timescales.


Building an engaging customer journeys is about more than just life cycle marketing and a clear understanding of your own offerings. Spend two full days with a ninja, planning your customer journey front to end. Taking into consideration behaviour, your inbound strategies, and your customer lifetime value.

What can you expect from the workshop?

Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to focus on your business problems.

This workshop will take place in an intimate and focused setting. It includes a free stay in a lovely 4 star hotel and spa, dinner, breakfast the next morning and a few drinks (should you feel so inclined!) with the ninjas. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, energised and ready to dig deep into your business problems. 


Yes – when geographically possible! We find that it is much more involved if we can get you in a room and work together.

A day will give you all the groundwork you need to succeed, you will have to put the hard graft in to make it work though!

A workshop is a full experience. If you go out for a drink and end up having the three course meal including the petit fours? That is what a workshop is…but for marketing strategy so much more fulfilling to your mind and business! 

Workshops are designed around attendees. Whatever you need to focus on will be the drive behind the plan of action for the day which will include; assessment, case study review, customer profiling, customer journey stages, goals and actionable solutions. 

Will you come to us.

Absolutely. If you are within traveling distance (up to 3 hours by car) we will come to your venue of choice for a full day (10am – 4pm). If you are further afield, we ask that you cover our accommodation the night before.

This will depend on exactly what you want to get out of the workshop and which one you choose. But we’ll get through a lot, so if you put the work in post workshop you can expect to see some of the following results:

Increase your engagement

Attract better quality leads

Increase ROI

Build customer lifetime value

Create a seamless buying process

Most importantly – happier customers = happier you!

We love a one to one! We find that when we are focused on one business we can get more in depth!

Sure! It could be your team or a group of small business owners who want to invest in improving their businesses.

What our ninja clients say

I’ve been blogging regularly since I started my business in 2012 but never really felt it was getting me the results I wanted.

 That all changed after I attended Automation Ninjas’ content planning workshop.
 The workshop was packed with eye-opening insights and practical tips I’ve been able to use in my own business – and my customers’ businesses too. And the follow-up sessions were great for keeping me on track on implementing the things I learned.
 My blogs get much more traction now and I can see visitors are much more engaged with my content when they visit my site. That wouldn’t have happened without Automation Ninjas.

Catherine Every: Director, Pippin Copywriting Ltd.

Hack the buyer brain

Get a look into our head ninja’s brain and unpack consumer psychology and the stages of the buying process in an accessible way.

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