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Sep 10

What are useful testimonials and why do I need them?

By Beka Ventham | Behaviour

Why are testimonials so important to your business?  What value does a testimonial from a client add to your reputation? Not all testimonials are relevant and not all testimonials are created equally. Testimonials that offer shoddy quality can actually drag your business down. People don’t respond to lack lustre standards. Because of this, it’s super important that we know;What […]

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May 21

How to automate your marketing like a ninja

By Beka Ventham | Behaviour , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing

 The beauty of human evolution is simply that we are continuously improving through learning, just like marketing automation.   Now, if you’ve already stopped and rolled your eyes it’s probably because you invested in a ‘ready-to-go’ bundle that was sold to you as the wonder solution. We’re sorry that you got introduced to this fantastic tool in […]

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