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Beka is our OCD Ninja. It’s her job to bridge the gap between the Ninjas and our clients. It’s her job to walk the line between advocating for the client and badgering them when we need something. As a self confessed control freak with a flair for project management (with myriad of tasks that brings) and being super on it all the time, we think she does a great job. Beka’s background in sales and BA in psychology & sociology makes her something of an expert at managing relationships and under When she’s not Ninjaring you can find Beka with her family, cats or a good book!

May 21

How to automate your marketing like a ninja

By Beka Ventham | Behaviour , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing

 The beauty of human evolution is simply that we are continuously improving through learning, just like marketing automation.   Now, if you’ve already stopped and rolled your eyes it’s probably because you invested in a ‘ready-to-go’ bundle that was sold to you as the wonder solution. We’re sorry that you got introduced to this fantastic tool in […]

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