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Feb 25

The trick to writing email newsletters

By Iona Nelson | Engagement

How many emails do you have in your inbox every morning? A lot, right?To readers, your newsletter is one of the many, MANY emails they receive every day. Sales pitches, spam blasts and daily deals are all battling to get their attention. So how do you make sure they read your newsletter?First, let’s clarify what a […]

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Feb 03

How to optimise your current lead magnets

By Iona Nelson | Lead Generation

You likely have some awesome lead magnets already. Ebooks, webinars, guides, templates and workbooks are examples of lead magnets you can offer your audience, to build trust with your brand.Do you have these? Yes?! Congrats! They’re a massive part of any marketing strategy. But are yours performing at their best?It’s a common dilemma. Hours of blood, […]

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