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My mission is to help forward-thinking businesses get better quality leads, that convert better for happier customers that spend more. The key to this is combining buyer psychology and marketing automation.

Nov 30

Why Nurture Works

By Kenda Macdonald | Nurture

The psychology behind why nurture increases conversion ratesNurture is the art of educating and adding value to your audience to further your relationship with them. Businesses often put time and effort into Nurture purely because they’ve heard that nurturing their audience can increase conversion rates. And with stats like the following, why wouldn’t you be investing […]

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Sep 14

The Psychology of Lead Generation

By Kenda Macdonald | Lead Generation

Good lead generation is becoming increasingly hard to come by.While good leads are getting harder to get, there seem to be more and more “experts” and “gurus” popping up with all kinds of new age advice on how to generate leads in the new best way possible. Unfortunately, decent lead generation isn’t about the tools, the […]

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May 26

Sales cycle stages : the perfect sales pipeline

By Kenda Macdonald | Marketing Automation , Marketing Strategy , Nurture , Sales

“Sales cycle stages” “Sales Pipeline” “Sales Funnels”They all sound… so salesy… They sound like they’re the domain of hardcore Wolf of Wall Street sales lions. I always imagine offices full of suited shiny shoe sales men ready to sell you the blood in your own veins.But in reality every business is making sales. You have […]

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May 06

Staying Sane – Special Guest Alex Massey

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing , Marketing Agony Aunt , Marketing Automation

Living with AnxietyAnxiety makes you feel fearful and out of control. It happens to all of us as part of a natural fight or flight response structured into our makeup for survival. However when you are feeling anxious more often than not, developing physical symptoms and it’s stopping you from contributing to normal activities in […]

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May 04

Staying Sane – Alex Massey Special

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing

How do you keep your head above the noise and keep your mental health in check during this pandemic? We’re joined by the brilliant Alex Massey – best selling author on mental health, depression and anxiety. We discuss what we’re going through collectively as a species, how it’s impacting all of us and how to […]

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