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Kenda Macdonald is an Automation Ninja. With a background in Forensic Psychology and an affinity for statistics and behaviourally intelligent automation – she’s not your average expert. She’s been living and breathing Infusionsoft since 2011 and has spent over 14 500 hours learning new ways to automate what people think is impossible. She’s a true nerd, and spends her waking hours helping businesses understand behaviour for super effective marketing, and relishes in simplifying over complicated processes for truly intelligent automated marketing. She’s the founder of Automation Ninjas - Experts in behavioural automation. Expect enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge – not normalcy.

Aug 29

Customer behaviour and cognitive bias

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation , Behaviour , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing , Marketing Agony Aunt

Why do prospects and customers do such odd and illogical things? How do you plan for behaviour with your marketing?And how do you get awesome conversion rates? We hear from a curious marketer whose customers and prospects are behaving a little oddly…Resources from this episode: What are cognitive Biases5 Cognitive Biases you should know aboutFind […]

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Aug 23

What to include in your lifecycle marketing

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour , Keap , Lifecycle Marketing

So you’re implementing lifecycle marketing. Well aren’t you a mutha flippin gangsta?! You’re so gangsta it’s entirely possible you were the person Fatboy Slim wrote Gangsta Trippin about…in 1998. Because he’s also a Timelord… Obscure pop culture references aside making the leap to use lifecyle marketing is a big deal and one you should feel very excited […]

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Boosting Sales By Creating Engagement And Trust
Aug 18

Boosting Sales by Creating Engagement and Trust

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation , Behaviour , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing

Build engagement and trust with your audience to create long lasting relationships, and better customers How to improve your engagement and not bang your audience over the head with your offers whenever you need to boost sales.This week’s avid listener has a big embarrassing problem. A marketing content creator that is worried about the content […]

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