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My mission is to help forward-thinking businesses get better quality leads, that convert better for happier customers that spend more. The key to this is combining buyer psychology and marketing automation.

May 06

Staying Sane – Special Guest Alex Massey

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation , Behaviour , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing , Marketing Agony Aunt

Living with AnxietyAnxiety makes you feel fearful and out of control. It happens to all of us as part of a natural fight or flight response structured into our makeup for survival. However when you are feeling anxious more often than not, developing physical symptoms and it’s stopping you from contributing to normal activities in […]

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Apr 14

How to get more leads

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour

 “How do I get more leads?” This is  the most common question I get asked. In all the Marketing Therapy sessions, speaking engagements, and strategy sessions I’ve done over the years – it comes up as a consistent problem for businesses. Needing more leads and wanting to fill your funnel to boost your sales is often the […]

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Oct 10

Progressive Profiling: Behavioural Segmentation From Customer Behaviour

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour

What is progressive profiling? Progressive profiling is a method of behaviourally segmenting your audience based on their interest and engagement with your content and sales materials.  While it sounds like something you’d hear about on a cop drama TV series, it’s actually a really intelligent way to not only get more sales, but create happier customers.  It’s a […]

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Mar 06

I’ll Be Back South West

By Kenda Macdonald | Speaking Events

Would you drink a cocktail made by an AI? So would you? Would you drink a cocktail that an Artificial Intelligence created? The correct answer is: you should at least give it a try because oddly, it was delicious.I think that face says it all.  A little while back I was invited by the lovely Richard […]

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Mar 04

Why you should ignore the marketing prediction posts and what you should be doing instead…

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing

With January over and February out the way, we’re settling into 2019 now. I find the whole month of January intriguing and each year watch on with fascination, it’s two areas that really interest me: The first is the teeny one second transition between the 31st of December 23:59:59 and the 1st of January 00:00:00. It’s […]

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