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Kenda Macdonald is an Automation Ninja. With a background in Forensic Psychology and an affinity for statistics and behaviourally intelligent automation – she’s not your average expert. She’s been living and breathing Infusionsoft since 2011 and has spent over 14 500 hours learning new ways to automate what people think is impossible. She’s a true nerd, and spends her waking hours helping businesses understand behaviour for super effective marketing, and relishes in simplifying over complicated processes for truly intelligent automated marketing. She’s the founder of Automation Ninjas - Experts in behavioural automation. Expect enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge – not normalcy.

welcome to the new ninja blog!
Feb 22

Success Starts With Starting

By Kenda Macdonald | Start Here

Welcome to the Ninja Compendium! I’m Kenda Macdonald, founder of Automation Ninjas and all round behavioural automation nerd. I am insanely excited you’re here! My mission is to make this one of the most powerful and impactful compendiums of automation, behaviour and business know how. The likes of which have never been seen before!Nothing like starting off […]

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