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Feb 03

How to build a Non Disclosure Agreement campaign

By Mel Foster | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Infusionsoft & Keap , Marketing Automation

Why do you need a non disclosure agreement campaign? Imagine you’ve created all your lovely online content, and are ready to release it to your faithful customers. But what is stopping those customers from sharing your amazing content with the rest of the world?You’ve worked damned hard, and put all of your hard earned expertise […]

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delivery campaign
Jan 20

An example of a lead magnet delivery campaign

By Mel Foster | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Engagement , Engagement Marketing , Lead Generation

What is a lead magnet campaign?You’ve created a great lead magnet you know your consumers are going to love, but now you need to deliver it… The lead magnet delivery campaign is one of the cornerstones to using marketing automation to generate new leads and save time by automating the follow up.  Whether your prospects will […]

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Oct 28

Ecommerce Tagging: What To Track in Your Marketing Automation To Get More Sales

By Mel Foster | Infusionsoft & Keap , Marketing Automation , Sales

The most successful eCommerce businesses make decisions based on metrics.  There are thousands of metrics you can track, but only a few of them directly represent the state of your business and can be turned into actionable insights that help you grow. So let’s talk about some of the most important things to track for your ecommerce […]

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