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Mel is Automation Ninja’s GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Ninja. Our longest serving Ninja other than the company directors, Mel lives up to her title. Mel builds campaigns for Ninjas and for our clients and is an Infusionsoft expert in the truest sense of the word. Mel has incredible attention to detail and we can always count on her to spot a wayward typo or a hole in a campaign that needs to be plugged. Her unassuming nature hides a razor-sharp Ninja mind. When she’s not Ninjaring, Mel spends time with her daughter - encouraging her passion for kayaking, walking her dog and is partial to a gin. Sometimes on a nice beach.

Nov 30

How to Import Contacts into Infusionsoft

By Mel Foster | Infusionsoft , Keap

Whether you’re adopting a new CRM system or populating a database it usually means one agonising truth – you have to import contacts.  It’s the worst! Especially as most tools don’t talk to one another and some don’t even allow you to export your database. This means lots of pain and manual intervention. So you’ve got your strategy […]

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