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Phil is our resident Scribble Ninja. He crafts content for Ninjas and a few of our clients too. Since starting out in marketing back in 2008 Phil has written hundreds of blogs and web pages for businesses ranging from multinationals to local SMEs. His experience across a variety of roles - underpinned by a degree in English and Creative Writing - has given him a wealth of experience and a knack for finding an angle on any content to make it interesting. When he’s not scribbling for us he does a lot of scribbling for himself too. He also spends as much time with his daughter as he can, educating her in the ways of the Force and other awesome geekery.

Dec 06

What to Consider when Conducting a Website Critique

By Phil Spurgeon | Behaviour , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing

Taking time to conduct a website critique on your own website is just as important as investing in a detailed, no hole barred, competitor audit. In fact the two go hand in hand as it’s something that you can use when comparing your business against your competitors. Of course saying isn’t doing and conducting a website critique […]

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