B2B Marketing Expo 2018 – A Ninja Run Down

By Kenda Macdonald | Speaking Events

Mar 30

The B2B Marketing expo brings together some of the best marketers, solution providers, tech providers, and software companies from around the UK and Europe. All in one place, with thousands of businesses coming to see what everyone has to offer. 

So when we were offered a seminar and stand - needless to say we snapped the opportunity up. 

We help businesses understand customer behaviour, design customer journeys with that behaviour in mind, and automate it. 

The work we do means we get really deep into the structure of businesses and the behaviour of it's consumers. That in-depth work naturally means long hours behind a computer, looking at data, building flowcharts, and sitting down in close work with businesses one on one. 

The perfect kind of work for any nerd basically! But the B2B expo offered us the opportunity to speak to people en masse. That kind of experiential data collection is invaluable...


The conversations we had with some amazing business, across start up level, small, medium and through to enterprise - were awesome. 

Nearly every chat we had was focused around our flowcharts - they were indeed a winner! 

Every person we spoke to expressed a desire to map out and plan their customer journey - and admitted that behaviour wasn't something that was given priority. 

That of course means two things for both every other business out there, and ourselves: 

  1. You're not providing what your customers want
  2. Behavioural Customer Journeys are a highly valuable competitive edge

Consumers need to spend 16% longer on a website for a conversion (Wolfgang Digital), and yet their attention spans are ever decreasing. They're demanding personalised experiences... They're telling us what they need, what they want, making that plain as day through their behaviour. And you're not listening. 

Now of course - that's antagonistic - but none the less true. I could pull the punches, however mollycoddling is simply bad for all of us 🙂

It's not all bad through - it's also massively full of opportunity. 

You have the opportunity to make a consumer concentric approach your competitive edge.

We spoke to hundreds of businesses, and they all agreed it was important - yet reluctantly divulged that they weren't currently focusing on it. 

So now is your opportunity to get ahead. Before your consumers find someone else who is willing to provide what they want and need.

Pop us a line and we'll chat through how you can make this a reality.

Judging for Agency Of The Future

Aside from all the phenomenal conversations we had - we were also Finalists for the Agency of the Future Award

Judging was intense! 

While we didn't take the prize - we're thrilled to be runners up 🙂 

It's always nice to have a nod to the work that we're doing.


Of course attending an expo is serious business... We couldn't resist having a little fun and started a haiku war on twitter. 

We had some awesome submissions, and two of the best coming from the B2B expo Marketing team and our new favourite custom Jeweller: The Leaky Crucible


The seminar was definitely the highlight of our expo. 

We arrived early to find the seminar packed out - by the time I started talking, the seats were full up, people were sitting in the aisle (yes on the floor!) and standing 4 deep at the back of the seating area.

Evidently The Future of Engagement, and Behaviour is a hot topic - and one that businesses are determined to nail. 

The talk itself was a ball, many many notes were taken by attendees, and golden tickets for free copies of our new book were snapped up. 

Twitter was a storm after the talk, and we had businesses streaming round for a chat about the content of the talk after the fact. 

So many people asked for the slides, if you're one of them - here is the link to download them.


The announcement of our new book "Engagement Marketing and the Enlightened Consumer" was met with massive interest, and we were almost completely out of golden tickets by the end of the expo. 

If you want to nab yourself a copy - you can still head over to the URL on your golden ticket - or pop me an email at ninja@automationninjas.com and I'll make sure you're added to the wait list 🙂

We thoroughly enjoyed the expo - and we're looking forward to connecting with you all soon!

If you attended, let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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