Everything you need to know about our Marketing Automation Academy

We're here to talk marketing automation, more specifically how you can do it with the support of our expertise.

Is there any better feeling than creating something yourself? 

Whether it’s fixing your car, wallpapering a room or creating a full customer journey there is an online tutorial to help you DIY it. 

But sometimes you need a little more help than a quick YouTube video. You need structured courses, professional feedback and a community of peers to keep you on track. 

That’s what the Marketing Automation Academy is here for. But I’m guessing you need a little more information before you are ready to join. 

In this blog we’re going to dig into everything you need to know about the Marketing Automation Academy to help you decide whether or not you want to join.

What exactly is the Marketing Automation Academy?

Simply put the Marketing Automation Academy (MAA) is a marketing automation haven. It’s a membership that is focused purely on helping you to strategise and execute your own world class marketing automation journey. 

It’s everything you need to know about marketing automation and precisely what to do and why

We’ll take you through in-depth training on the strategy and how to do it all as well, the accountability to get it done and the feedback and critiquing to make sure it works. 

However, we also know how easy it is to join a membership then file it under “to do” and forget about it. 

We were really adamant about creating a practical membership that will help you make the changes required to grow your business. 

We’ve developed the MAA around three main components that will help you progress the business: 

  • The vault (recorded training) ️
  • LIVE training challenges
  • The Marketing Automation Academy community

Let’s look into each of these a little more to help you understand how exactly the Marketing Automation Academy can help your business.

1. The vault (recorded training)

The vault training is the bread and butter of the membership. The recorded training is always available in our vault (which you will be given access to when you sign up), so you can work through them at your own pace and learn the fundamentals of the customer journey and marketing automation. 

We currently have thirteen modules in the training vault. Each of these modules are broken down into bite sized chunks, which together form a comprehensive exploration of the topics. Basically, it’s everything you need to know about:

  • The customer journey..
  • Data Analysis...
  • Lead magnets...
  • List building...
  • Newsletters..
  • Nurture campaigns...
  • Engaging new leads...
  • Handling sales objections...
  • The psychology of selling...
  • How to sell...
  • How to WOW...
  • Engagement...
  • Testimonials…

These modules are laid out to teach you the fundamentals of marketing automation. We recommend that this is where everyone starts when you join the MAA.

2. LIVE training challenges

Everybody loves a little challenge right?

This is why we’ve added a little competitive element (don’t worry you are only competing against yourself) to the MAA with our LIVE training challenges, which we run every three weeks. 

Each challenge focuses on a different element of the marketing automation journey. So far, we’ve covered a range of topics including:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Nurture building
  • Newsletters
  • List building
  • Sales emails
  • Customer journey planning
  • Data and reporting
  • Google Analytics 
  • Persona building
  • Goal setting

The challenge consists of three components:

  • LIVE training session 
  • Time to complete the work
  • Feedback session

First up is the live training session (which is also recorded in case you can’t make it). We choose these sessions based on what we think will be the most useful, and what our members are struggling with. These sessions will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals, plus exactly how to implement them. 

You’ll be given a workbook with every training session so you aren’t just sitting listening for an hour, but applying the training to your own business. The workbooks will help you with the second stage. 

Then, we’ll give you time. You’ll have two weeks from the date of the live training to submit your work (either via the community or privately). This part is really important. We don’t want to just teach you, we want you to actually use what you learn. 

Once you’ve submitted your work Kenda will check it over and give you feedback on the final call. This means that you can feel confident that you are creating something, whether it be a lead magnet, sales series or newsletter that will actually drive your business forward. 

This is what Yinka had to say about our live training:

Yinka says:

The weekly workbook webinars gave me clarity about each component of a good customer journey.  I gained confidence in what I was doing. As well as a real understanding of how to move my business forward and ensure it's resilience no matter what the future holds. The workbooks are first rate - and provide a real opportunity for us to focus our thoughts and ideas. Doing each piece of a puzzle in turn while giving you the chance to go back and then review earlier webinars is like putting a masterpiece together and watching it to begin to take shape.

3. The Marketing Automation Academy community

Have you ever heard the saying:

“Come for the content, stay for the community”

It might have originated in the gaming community, but it’s certainly a big factor in the success of our Marketing Automation Academy members.  We’ve got a bunch of business owners from all over the world, in a number of different industries all driving towards the same goal. 

That’s a pretty powerful community. 

The MAA  community hangs out in Slack. We’ve got channels covering every different topic you can imagine plus ones for our members to just chat. 

Not only does the community help you solve any problems you might be having, but gives you a place to vent and celebrate when things go well. 

And most importantly the community (along with the MAA team) help keep you accountable. It’s really easy to say you will do something and then let it fall by the wayside. The community helps make sure that you do what you say you are going to.

Why did we decide to create the Marketing Automation Academy in the first place?

We knew that there was an appetite for business owners to take control of their marketing automation. 

But we  also knew that creating a customer journey and getting your marketing automation in check isn’t a quick job that you can dust off in an afternoon. It takes a bit (read: a lot) of hard work. 

So we decided to create a  library of content that will help teach you the fundamentals of marketing automation, embedded into a community of like minded individuals that will help support your business growth. 

And so the Marketing Automation Academy was born.

Plus, it lets you get professional level input at a fraction of the price it costs to work with us one to one.

Rin Hamburgh says:

If you’re looking to up your automation game but you aren’t ready to bring the experts in to do it for you just yet, joining the Marketing Automation Academy is a no brainer.

Firstly, you’ll get access to literally everything you need to know to implement your own marketing automation strategy - that’s everything from how to write a lead magnet to how to get the tech set up. You’ll also be able to join in with the living training and challenges, which are invaluable for keeping you on track. And then you have the support of the amazing community, including Kenda who is on hand in the Slack group to answer all your questions. She’s not only an expert at what she does but a fantastic teacher - encouraging, fun and full of practical tips and helpful feedback.

Oh yes, and if that wasn’t enough there’s a vault of training, templates and all sorts of other handy things to help you on your automation journey. Given how much you get, the Marketing Automation Academy is ridiculously good value. There really is no reason at all not to join.

Who is the Marketing Automation Academy for?

The MAA is a pretty cool place to be. And like most communities, we are only as good as the people that are a part of it. So we want to make sure that the right people join it.

We’re providing a place to get shit done. The accountability to make it happen. The focus, know how and the strategy. We’re even providing feedback and optimization help to make sure it’s good. This is a place to be understood, to learn, grow and excel.

In other words it’s not for everyone. 

The Marketing Automation Academy is a good fit for:

The Marketing Automation Academy is a great fit for business leaders and marketing experts, who are looking for intense training and some hand holding. They need to be willing to put in the work and get things done.

The main prerequisite is that you must be willing to put in the work. 

The Marketing Automation Academy is NOT a good fit for:

If you are not willing to put in the work required - whether you don’t want to do it, or think that you won’t have time to prioritise the work required then it might not be for you. 

Everything we’re creating is to make it easy for you to attain success, the only thing we can’t make you do is the actual work. If you’re looking for a silver bullet or a magic wand which means no effort from you at all, so sorry - we don’t deal in those!

What results can you expect from the Marketing Automation Academy?

The results that you can get from the Marketing Automation Academy are pretty amazing. Below is a list of goals, that the academy can help you achieve:

  • Get more leads
  • Get better leads
  • Educate and engage your leads
  • Want to build a list prospective customers
  • Put more traffic into sales funnel / build pipeline
  • Capture traffic from websites and social media etc. 
  • Increase conversion rates and grow revenue

Basically, if you put in the work there are a whole host of amazing results that the MAA can help you to achieve.

How long will it take to see these results:

It really depends on how quickly you get started. If you join a challenge then you should start seeing the results within only 3 weeks, you’ll finally tick things off that “to-do” list.

In just three weeks one of our members went from totally confused about their marketing automation, with no idea what to do - to having a clear plan, knowing what to do plus when, and how to optimise it thanks to the customer journey training and challenge. 

The more you interact with the community,  ask questions and get stuck in the faster you’ll see results.

What’s required of you to make your membership to the Marketing Automation Academy a success?

Just sign up and that’s it right?


Sorry, the MAA isn’t a silver bullet. It’s not magic.

Yes we give you access to loads of really amazing courses, live training, feedback and a community of like-minded business owners.. But if you don’t put in the work then it is never going to make a difference.

All that’s needed is your commitment and hard-work. If you do that then we guarantee you will see results.

Why might you not see the results you were hoping for?

Be honest, are you really putting in the work? If not, then as we’ve already covered you are not going to get the results you were hoping for.

Plus, it takes time. Yes, you can start to see a difference in just three weeks if you join a challenge. However, it’s not all going to happen over night - especially if, like most, you have multiple elements of the customer journey and marketing automation puzzle to put in place. 

Stay the course, keep taking part in the training and challenges, implement our feedback and we promise you will start to reap the rewards.


What happens if you’re not seeing your desired results:

Firstly if it’s not working out then get in touch. Our team is super nice and extremely helpful.

They’ll be able to help ensure that you are getting the most from your membership. Maybe there is something you are missing - they can point you in the direction of any training or challenges that can help to solve your problems. 

We truly believe that the academy can work for anyone who is willing to put in the work. 

If you aren’t seeing the results, and there is nothing we can do to improve that then don’t worry you can leave. We’ll be sad to see you go, but you aren’t trapped.

Start getting results

Are you ready to level up your marketing automation and learn how to attract and engage customers successfully? Hit the button to learn more and sign up...

How much does the Marketing Automation Academy cost?

If you fancy being a member of our community, then there is a cost of £49/month + VAT. 

This works out at just over £1.60 per day, which is cheaper than a cup of coffee from your local ☕

The cost will be charged monthly to ensure that it is more affordable. 

If you decide that you want to leave us, then don’t worry. We’ll be sad, but we’ll let you go, you just need to cancel - we won’t hold you into a contract.

What happens when you sign up?

So you’ve decided - you need to be a part of the academy. We can’t wait.

What’s next?

Well first, it’s time to join up. You can do this by clicking the Start Learning Now’ link here. 

This will take you to a payment page, where you will be prompted to input your payment details. Once you’ve hit the ‘complete my purchase’ button you will be a member of the academy. 

After that you need to keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sending you a few emails to help onboard you into the academy. You will be sent an email to:

  • Give you access to the vault (this is where we keep all our training videos)
  • Add you to our Slack community (this is where we communicate with you and all the other members)

You can then get going on the vault training, catch up with previous live training, join a challenge and say hi to the rest of the community. 

Remember to head to the introductions channel and introduce yourself, we all want to know what you do and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Join the Marketing Automation Academy!

You’ve made the decision, which is the biggest step yeah (celebration dance ).

Now all you need to do is hit that ‘sign up’ button and you’ll be part of the gang. 

We can’t wait for you to join us. We’ll see you in there.

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