How to Export Contacts In Keap (formally Infusionsoft)

How to Export Contacts

When would you need to export contact information?

You may want to export contacts for several reasons such as: 

  • Import into FB for ads ie third party data
  • Analyse data for reporting
  • Clean up data/ tags

If your user permissions allow it you can export contacts into a handy CSV file. You can also use this method to export referral partners, opportunities, orders and reports from Infusionsoft. 

Infusionsoft gives us so much capability that knowing how to do the core tasks makes a big difference to our level of control and ultimately how we run our marketing automation!

How do you export contacts?

1. Hover over the Infusionsoft Logo and select Contacts

2. This is where you can filter out which contacts you’d like to export. When you’ve selected your criteria, hit the search button

3. Check the top box to select all the contacts

4. Hit the Actions drop down, then select Export

5. Tick the fields you’d like to export. (All fields are selected by default, so if you only require a couple of fields, then untick the top box, and manually select the fields you want)

6. Once you’ve selected your required fields, scroll all the way to the bottom and hit Process

7. That will open a new window, then just hit OK

It’s that simple!

Once you know how it makes it loads easier and soon you will be sharing the knowledge of how to export contacts with others.

Infusionsoft offers us a marketing automation platform that makes running our businesses, engaging with our customers and following up on leads part of everyday actions that no longer need to consume all our time. We can be better businesses without the heavy time investment. But if you don't have the knowledge to make this platform work for you than you are likely to get frustrated and overwhelmed. We're here to help make it easy and keep the quality of what you are doing at it's peak at all times. 

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