Getting the most out of our marketing automation academy

Getting the most out of our Marketing Automation Academy

Don’t you just love to learn? Bonus points when that learning helps support your business too. Like in our Marketing Automation Academy.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know a bit about our Marketing Automation Academy (MAA for short). You know it’s the one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about marketing automation and how it can help you build your business, nurture your audience and generally boss your industry. 

When folk sign up for courses, memberships or webinars, they’ll often not gain the full potential they could from it. They’ll attend the live session, but it will be running in the background while they hustle through emails. Or they’ll listen intently and take notes, but never look at that notebook again.

The MAA is full of great knowledge, insight and opportunities for your business to grow. But to make sure you get the full potential of the academy, you should make use of everything available to you. If you jot down notes then throw them to the side, or attend the live sessions but don’t use the worksheets, you’re not getting the full benefit. 

So here it is: The inside scoop on how to make the most of the Marketing Automation Academy.

Join the live sessions

Every week, our Prime Ninja Kenda hosts a live session for all academy members. For each challenge theme, there will be a training session, a feedback session and a live Q&A. 

By joining the live sessions, you are already one-upping your learning. If there is anything you don’t understand, you have the opportunity to ask it there and then. And Kenda has a magical way with words that will help you nail it. 

An extra bonus is getting answers to all those questions you don’t think of. In a live session with other business owners striving for the same goal and learning the same materials, often there will be questions asked that never even crossed your mind. One of those “Ooh that’s a good one!” moments. 

And we understand that life happens: sometimes you won’t be able to make a live session. But that’s okay. The live sessions are recorded and shared with the academy, so you can still take home the benefits at a time that suits you.

Take part in all aspects of the marketing automation challenges

There’s something about the word “challenge” that inspires us to try that bit harder. We immediately picture  the hurdle in question - be it climbing Mount Everest or finishing that novel. Anything deemed a challenge is something to work through, to overcome, to achieve - we know there’s a moment of accomplishment and elation waiting for us on the other side. 

But you can’t get there by cutting corners. You have to commit to each level, stick to the route and really give it your all.

In the Marketing Automation Academy, we host specific challenges. It keeps everyone focussed and drives us all towards a common goal.

There’s lots of aspects to each challenge: the live sessions, homework, worksheets and Q&As. 

Do yourself a favour: do it ALL.

Because as soon as you drop the effort to take part in all aspects, things can start to go a bit wobbly. If you complete the worksheet, you’ll get individual feedback from Kenda and our Ninja team about your progress and you’ll get the full benefit of the live feedback session too. And by joining the Q&A session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from others’ questions, once your new knowledge has sunk in.

In short, it’s back to being in school again: do your homework and show up to class. Be the teacher's pet, because it’s the best way for you to reap all the benefits from these challenges.

Make use of community support

Have you ever had a goal and told a friend about it just so you’ll be held accountable?

I do this whenever I pick a new, exciting goal. Take a health and fitness goal, for example. I’ll rope a friend in and let them know I’m going for gold. Instantly, I know I’ll be more likely to stick to it because I can’t let my friend down or risk FOMO (fear of missing out) if I don’t show up. 

Turns out, it’s not just me either. In a study, the American Society of Training and Development found that sharing your goal with another person makes you 65% more likely to achieve it. This increases to a whopping 95% when you share a common goal with a group and meet regularly to discuss your progress. 

This is where the Marketing Automation Academy shines. Being part of a community helps you keep accountable. If you know everyone will be logging on to the weekly call to discuss the latest challenge and homework, you’re more likely to get shifting and make sure you too have something to contribute. 

It goes farther than accountability though. 

It’s also a creative and encouraging environment. The community interacts using Slack, and the lively, eager-to-learn vibes buzz through the channels! Everyone is in the same position: trying to better their business by building their skills. 

You can ask for opinions from your peers and the Ninja experts, all in one channel. Stuck for what to name your newsletter? Ask in the chat and get a whole bunch of recommendations from all ears. Got a question about creating your lead magnet? Likelihood is you’re not alone. Pop a question in the group. Often there will be follow up questions from others that you didn’t even think of. 

Don’t forget about the marketing automation course materials and archives!

When you first join the Marketing Automation Academy, you will be prompted to start working through the course modules. These are videos with associated worksheets to help build a foundational understanding of marketing automation. 

To get the most out of the academy, start by working through these materials. It doesn’t mean you can’t join the live sessions - but it’s important not to neglect this foundational learning. 

And we all have those weeks where our minds turn to mush. We know we know something, but the knowhow isn’t coming to our heads.

But fear not. The MAA has an archive bursting at the seams with helpful videos. All the course materials will be available to you throughout your membership, including the live recordings and worksheets. From foundational training and attracting leads, to sales and nurture, to the detailed tech information, these modules do not disappear.

It’s a handy tool for a quick reminder while you’re working on your content, but can also be useful before or after a live session to reinforce your learning. 


So there you have it. Not only do you know about the awesomeness that is the Marketing Automation Academy, but you now know the inside secrets to get the most of your membership. Attend the live sessions, do your homework and embrace the community spirit. 

Ready to sign up? You can get involved with the academy right now, by signing up for your membership below! Or learn more in our blog on Everything you need to know about our Marketing Automation Academy.

If you have any questions, just get in touch (we don’t bite, promise). 

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