Infusionsoft End Of Year Update

What is Infusionsoft, and what is Keap? 

Keap the company (Formerly known as Infusionsoft) have been very busy this year. They’re busy every year, but this year (2020) has been exceptional. You may have been aware of Infusionsoft the product and the company for some time, but may not know that the company have changed their name to Keap, and have a new product called Keap, with two different versions, Keap Grow, for the young and micro businesses, or solopreneurs, and Keap Pro - A powerhouse CRM and marketing automation platform with many of the features of Infusionsoft, and many more new features, all nicely wrapped in a 2020 user interface.

With so many small businesses going online for the first time, or having to grow their online presence in a massive way, they have to get all cylinders firing, and all the techies firmly bolted to their keyboards to polish and sharpen the new tools. They are out there with all their hearts and souls to help small businesses grow. 

They have doubled down on their original remit - To provide a Sales and Marketing Automation Platform for entrepreneurs that are growth orientated. 

Clate recently spoke to the partner community, making the distinction between small businesses that are growth orientated, taking risks and pushing the boundaries, and those businesses that are happily static - without the desire or need to grow or expand. 

Keap is there to help small businesses grow. 

We will be providing more information in later posts on what Keap is, and what has changed since its creation. If you don’t have Infusionsoft or Keap, book a demo of either of them here, without any fear of a bunch of sales calls to chase you to buy it. 

You can find out more about the launch of Keap using the links at the bottom of this post 

Infusionsoft updates - a year’s worth of release notes.

These are all from the Keap website, nicely condensed and placed into headers that relate to the sections within Infusionsoft for easy reference 🙂


  • Campaign History: Now when you hit the campaign history on the contact record, there are more details on the items that have occurred, and also on the upcoming campaign items:



  • Opportunities reporting

    • Opportunities have an enhanced “Companies” focus with the ability to search by and create reports with this field. This seems like a no-brainer, but wasn’t always there!


  • You now have 150 Custom fields - Previously this was 100. Go mad!

    • Head over to Admin>Settings to see this lovely new space you have for more information!


  • Exporting data from Infusionsoft

    • When you’re exporting more than 1,000 records, whether that be tags, contacts, orders...or any other report/search, you will see a popup that tells you that your export link will be emailed to you. Don’t worry, this email should be with you very quickly, and the link will last for 24 hours. 


    • Use export naming to more easily find what you’re looking for. The name you enter when initiating an export will be included in the email subject line so there’s no confusion about what file you’re accessing. Learn more


  • Social media contact fields

    • All your contact’s social accounts can now be recorded on a webform widget, appear on your contact record, and if you need to, can be merged into emails. 

Here’s where they appear on the contact record main tab: (You can also go straight to the profile by hitting the little blue logo to the right of the URL


And here’s where they live when you’re creating a webform:


  • See when a tag was applied

    • When you’re looking at a contact record, you can now see the time of day that a tag was applied. This is super important when you’re tracking down exactly when something happened if you’re troubleshooting a complex set of campaigns.                                                        

  • Automatically opt out invalid emails

    • When you’re importing a list of contacts, Infusionsoft now runs a check on the list. It will tell you if contacts are invalid, for example emails that end in .con instead of .com will be opted out on import.

  • My Day and the interactive view ge the keap treatment

    • Both of these areas have been updated in their appearance. They have exactly the same functionality but just look new!


  • Campaign Builder: Dynamic content

    • This is an advanced feature that will need a blog of it’s own, but if you’re happy to use or learn to use some basic coding, this feature will allow you to show or hide content within an email based on rules that you set. It’s kind of like all your decision diamonds rolled into one shortcode that you’ll put in your email. You can find Dynamic Content in your Marketing menu here:


  • From here you can create code that allows you to control the content  based on values in fields or tags. It also allows you to modify those values to change the way they are displayed. Find out more here

  • Campaign Builder: Web Forms are now responsive

    • Newly created webforms are now responsive on all devices. If your form was published before Feb 26 2020, you’ll need to republish the form. If you are using the unstyled or styled html code on your website, instead of java, you’ll need to publish the campaign, and get the new html code and change it on your site for it to be responsive. 

  •  Campaign Builder: Improved decision diamonds

    • Rules within decision diamonds can now be copied , so save you recreating rule sets, and you can also import them. While this sounds like the same thing it isn’t - Copying them allows you to set up similar and/or rules, and importing them allows you to import from one sequence rule to another.  Learn more

  • Campaign Builder: Usability preferences

    • If you’ve been a long time user of Infusionsot and have not got used to using different mouse buttons for the campaign builder navigation, you can now change back to the left click/right click and right mouse canvas navigation from a checkbox within Admin settings:  Learn more              

  • Broadcast: Algorithm updates mean more accurate click-through results

    • There have been issues with inboxes being very clever and using bots to scan emails and test links, by virtually clicking on them. This gave Infusionsoft users two problems. The first is that your link click stats could be out of sorts, and seem like you were getting more clicks than you actually were, and second, that link click goals, or tag goals where the link is tagged were firing when links had not been clicked by the email recipient. Both of these things sucked, and the algorithms that determine a link click have been altered, tested, altered, and re-tested to fix the problem by filtering out the darn bots.  Learn more

  • Campaign Builder: Decision Diamonds and empty fields:

    • Woohoo! Another update that seems like it should have been there from the beginning, but has now been added. Your decision diamonds can now filter people one way or another based on whether a field is empty or has data in it. 

    • We previously used action sets to do this, especially for emails that merged in a contact’s password when they buy a membership, or filter out a contact from creating an opportunity for the sales team when there is no phone number on record. There is also an ‘else’ function in the decision diamond, meaning that if all the rules in the decision diamond fail, you can tell Infusionsoft which sequence the contact should fall into 

  • Campaign Builder: Send an invoice if there’s no credit card on file

    • When creating an order within the campaign builder, you now have more options, including sending an invoice where there is no credit card on file for the contact. More Here

  • Campaign Builder: Set field value to clear values

    • This is great, we used to have to use an action set,  PlusThis, or something similar to clear a field after an action. We use it to clear a meeting link field after a meeting has happened, or clear any field that is only going to be merged into an email once. More here

  • Campaign Builder: Delay and field timers now have a ‘years’ option

    • You can now set a number of years in a delay timer, so no more chaining timers to run consecutive years on field values 

  • Campaign Builder: Trigger campaign with tag category

    • When you create a tag applied goal within Campaign Builder, you now have the option to use an entire category of tags to trigger the goal. 

    • You may have a welcome sequence that is triggered when anybody buys any product, or a failed payment campaign that fires when any product payment fails:


  • Landing page version history - can be named

    • When you’re building your Infusionsoft Landing page, you can click on the ‘Version History’ button, name the current version and restore previous versions



  • Broadcasts: Spam checker

    • When sending a broadcast email, there’s a handy little button on the left now that you can press to check your email’s spam score. Infusionsoft will check your copy, and will let you know if it thinks you’re likely to hit the spam folder, or the inbox: This is what it will look like when you’re OK:


And this is what it looks like when you’re not OK:


  • Campaign Builder: Add contact to sequence

    • Hurrah!!! You no longer need to apply a tag at the end of a sequence if you want to start another campaign 🙂 

    • Within your toolbox when you’re in a sequence, you can now use the ‘Add to sequence’ tool. 


    • Use case: This could be used at the end of a delivery campaign - Someone has bought a product, and you have sent them some emails letting them know how to get the best from your product, and you want to send them a survey. If you have a standard survey campaign, you can add them to that using this tool. You can also remove the contact from the current sequence at this time, meaning you have no queued contacts in that sequence. 

  • Campaign Builder update: Outcome options for Tasks

    • When you create a task within the campaign builder, you can now choose different outcomes for the task.


    • This gives you options when the task complete goal is used in the campaign:


    • This gives you the ability to send automated emails based on the outcome of the task:


  • Campaign Builder update: Weekday option for delay timers

    • When selecting a delay timer within a sequence, you can now select a number of ‘weekdays’ before running the next item in the sequence


  • Campaign Builder: More contact fields available in decision diamonds

    • This was very limited before, but now has more fields to choose from, like email, and phone numbers, even social accounts. So if you want to use a decision diamond to check if a person has given you their facebook link, before asking them for it, you can do so as here:


  • Reports: Web Form Origin Report

    • If you have 400 campaigns, and hundreds of webforms that you have used on different web pages over the years, you can now hunt them down using this report. Very useful for seeing which webforms are active, so that you can tidy up any forms that are no longer necessary, or if you find a form on your website, but don’t know which campaign it’s in! Find this report in Marketing>Reports

  • Campaign Builder: Cancel a Subscription

    • When you are building your automation within a campaign sequence, you now have an extra tool. The ‘Cancel a subscription’ tool. 

    • You may use this when you want a simple webform for someone to cancel their subscription, or you may use it when someone purchases a higher level product. So when someone purchases our Elite monthly retainer, we would automatically cancel any existing lower level Infusionsoft implementation retainer, as that would be automatically included in the new subscription.



  • Invoices update: Now you can add Shipping Address to Invoices and Quotes

    • Is allows you to comply with any country laws that require an invoice to have these details.  Learn more

  • Orders update: Reporting improvements

    • Finding a customer you’ve sold to in the past is easier with 2 new additional search columns: contact email and phone number

  • Mobile order forms

    • Order forms are now responsive! Your forms will look great on a mobile and tablet now 🙂

  • Accepting payments: Stripe integration with Infusionsoft

    • If you’ve been using a connector to link Stripe to Infusionsoft, so that your order forms can use Stripe. You can now use the built in connector in Infusionsoft. We do, it’s great, and on your Stripe Dashboard, you can see the name, address, email address, and phone number  so that you can do all your bookkeeping. More here

  • E-Commerce update: When you are creating order forms, you can now create a payment plan that can set an initial amount that can be charged, and then split the remaining amount equally. 


Learn more.

  • Order forms: New terms and conditions.

    • When you are creating an order form, there is now a tab where you set up an area to show your terms and conditions for purchase, and also make it required to agree those terms to enable the purchase  More Here


  • Payment forms update: Protection from Bots

    • Some customers have been getting spambots hitting their order forms and filling them in. Nobody wants that, so the forms now come complete with added protection to stop that happening


  • Application wide: Time Zones! 

    • So there used to be a thing for people that weren’t in the same time zone as Infusionsoft, in Arizona US, where you look at one part of the app, and a thing happened at 5am, and you look at another report, and it tells you it happened at 10am. This is now not a thing, and it was because newer parts of the software would report in the time zone of the owner of the application. No more! All the times in the app are all happily the same. 

  • Reports: More options have been added to reports for time intervals. In the reports listed below, you can now search for specific intervals, like last 30 days, today, last 7 days. This means no more changing the dates when you come to do a weekly report. 

    • Task Note Report

    • Opportunity Revenue Forecast Report

    • Email Status Search

    • Receivables Report

    • Sequence Step Recipients

    • Payments report

    • Email Broadcasts

    • Tag Applications reports

    • All Sales Report

  • New Analytics


  • Who doesn’t love a nice graph?                 


  • The new reports include:

    • Monthly email performance

    • Open rate by day

    • Weekly email performance

  • Click on any of the numbers to get the detailed report on those numbers!

If you’re wanting to know more about Infusionsoft (Keap Pro Classic), Keap Grow or Keap Pro, don’t hesitate to book in with us. 

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