Create a Web Form to Capture Leads in Keap (formally Infusionsoft)

Create a Web Form to Capture Leads

Why do we need to capture leads?

Capturing leads should be front and centre on your website and you want to make sure that the system is working for you.

We want to help you create efficient webforms to capture your leads. Keep reading to learn how!

What is a webform?

A web form is an external form you can post on your website to collect information from potential customers.

Infusionsoft web forms are mobile responsive, so they look great whether your lead is visiting from a mobile device, tablet or computer.

How to create a web form to capture leads

Follow these step by step instructions and start collecting those leads!

1. Drag a webform submitted goal onto your campaign canvas

2. Double click on the test under your goal to rename it

3. Right click on the goal, then select view and edit

This will take you to the design tab. Infusionsoft webforms will automatically default to collect just first name and email fields, but this is where you can choose all the information you want to collect from your leads, add in your company logo, change the layout and style etc…

To choose which information you’d like to collect, click the Field Snippets tab. Field Snippets contain:

1. Name: Captures the Contact Name field

2. Email: Captures either Email, Email 2, Email 3, or Create a Custom Field

3. Other: Captures all other fields including Custom Fields or you can create a Custom Field

4. Radio: Create a list of options that will be stored in the contact record under Forms Note: This is not captured in a field

5. Phone: Capture phone number

6. Checkbox: Create a single selection box to a multiple choice 

7. Address - Capture Shipping, Billing Address, or Optional

8. Hidden - Add fields that will not display on the Web Form but will capture information based on setup

9. Partner - Capture information to create a Referral Partner Record

10. Social - Capture information about the contact's social handles which will save to the Contact Record

Snippet Tab

This is where you can add logos, images, any text you’d like on your form, spacers, dividers etc… To do any of these things,  just drag the relevant icon onto your form, in the place you’d like it to go.

I’ve dragged an image snippet onto my form, and I want the image to be above any of the information fields. Double click on your image icon to choose which image you would like on your form.

Format Tab

This is where you can choose your text font/size, alignment, the layout of your form, add coloured backgrounds, add in tables etc…..

Insert Tab

This allows you to insert the following elements into either the Paragraph or Title Snippets

a. Image  

b. Table 

c. Divider

d. Merge Fields -  These are placeholders used to insert personalised content. For example, ~Contact.FirstName~ is a merge field that inserts the value stored in the First Name field of the contact record

Now you have your webform built, it’s collecting all the information you want it to, and it looks exactly how you want it to, you’ll need to create a Thank You Page where your leads will be directed to once they’ve submitted your form.

You can either create a thank you page in the thank you page tab on your form, or you can redirect them to an external URL.

To use the thank you page within the form, select Thank you page, and format as required.

To redirect to an external page, select web address and paste your URL into the field

Settings Tab

In the settings tab you can choose whether you'd like to enable Spambot detection, which fields you’d like to check for duplicate contact records (As a best practise, I leave it as the default which is check using email address only), and you can choose to send a notification email to yourself/team member each time the form is submitted. This is purely optional.

Code Tab

This is where your form code is stored, which you’ll need to put the form on your site, but you’ll need to make sure you have published your form before putting the code on your site, so be sure to mark your form as ready in the top right corner, then hit publish back on the campaign canvas.

IMPORTANT - Every time a web form is changed, the javascript and hosted version will automatically update. If the HTML or HTML unstyled code is used, then the web form code must be manually updated on your website in order for the changes to take effect.

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