What does MAD cost & why

Breaking down our MAD programme – What it costs & why?

Author: Ashton Oldham

Hey there, I'm Ashton, the Content Ninja with a penchant for creativity! I'm all about crafting killer customer-focused content and sprinkling it with that special sauce that makes brands pop. Teaching, strategising, organising (people and projects), and spicing up collaborations? That's my jam!

Marketing Automation Domination is our flagship service - the whole kit and caboodle if you like. MAD is a content-rich, implementable project that pushes every business to the next level. And yes, I'm aware that is quite the claim!

In a nutshell, MAD helps companies to realign their current strategies and processes to increase lead generation and conversions and boost customer lifetime value (CLV). As you can imagine, a lot of work usually goes into achieving that.

That's why we have spread the project over six months. And, even that is the shortest timescale we can undertake. Working in this manner allows the companies (and us) the space to get things done and provides the opportunity to teach and learn. 

In this blog, I want to get across the value of MAD. By this point, I assume you have been looking and comparing options for your business – trying to find the best fit for your needs. And hopefully, our product is close to making the grade. But, of course, you need to weigh up the investment on your part.

Shall we get into it?

Let's talk about what you will get from MAD to help you justify your purchase decision.

PS. If you aren't sure about the ins and outs of MAD yet, hop to 'Everything you need to know about MAD'. I'll see you back here!

What will you get from MAD that you won't get elsewhere?

A bespoke customer journey

The customer journey sessions are where we like to begin, as the journey sits at the core of your marketing strategy. No matter your marketing activity, it must have a place; otherwise, there's no reason to do it. 

A customer journey encompasses everything you do to get and keep a customer.

You will have a customer journey already, even if you don't know what it looks like off the top of your head (or if you don't have it mapped out 'on paper' yet). We'll work with you to construct that journey, and most likely, you'll be surprised by how little you are doing or how unbalanced your efforts are.

Please don't be worried about that bit; everyone has a moment of panic when they see it in the flesh.

However, we take that journey and design a bespoke version based on our proven model (see image below). Then, we'll run you through it so you can clearly understand what you should do at every stage. 

Plus, with MAD, we will make a considerable dent in creating the content required to support that journey. #Winner!

Marketing Automation Customer Journey Mapping B2B B2C

Our Customer Journey Base Model

Access to our adaptive methodology

If this sounds snazzy, that's because it is. (Cue blowing own trumpet.)

Kenda (our Head Ninja and behavioural expert queen) took her years of experience and research to create a methodology that works in ANY business.

It focuses on the four pillars of the lifecycle marketing framework: Attract, Engage, Sell & Wow.

At the base of each pillar lies a foundation built from nurture. So you see, nurture is one of the most effective tools in the marketing game.

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads (Source: The Annuitas Group)

It's not all about how innovative your branding is or crafting an advert that no one else has thought up. These things may help with getting attention, but how do you engage an audience?

You must give your prospects what they want when they want it. But, you also need to help them understand what they need. Content is, and always will be, incredibly powerful (in all its forms).

In MAD, we focus on content nurture for lifecycle marketing. 

Thorough processes, techniques and templates

Oooft. If you're anything like me, that's a threesome you can't ignore 😉

Even if processes and templates don't get your rocks off, you'll soon see the appeal when you work with us. 

We are continuously optimising what we offer our clients. And each Ninja loves to create processes and templates to make work life that much more enjoyable (for you and us). 

After all, there's never enough time in the day, and there's always an easier way to do things.

We'll give you all we've got, and we've got quite the arsenal. 

We don't just do; we teach

I'll drop one of the most well-known sayings on you now:

Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.

Yes, we are the experts to help you get shit done. But we also want to prepare you to continue the excellent work once our time together has ended. So, we teach!

We believe these core attributes, among other things, are what us apart from other agencies.

As I'm sure you know from learning about our Customer Journey model, there's much to be covered.

That's not to mention reviewing and optimising the journey over time. So it's a continuous process that will take any business past the six-month mark.

Our offering, plus this need to work on marketing continually, is likely why we have a fantastic retention rate. It's also why many companies we work with choose to undertake a MAD part two or request to work with us on individual focus areas. 

Choosing your MAD level

Did you know we offer three levels of MAD? They break down into consulting, content creation and/or implementation, or all three. 

MAD Consultancy

Every level contains consultancy, as you will see. The consultancy part primarily focuses on teaching. We will carry you through the process if you have the time and space (and enthusiasm) to create and implement the work in-house. 

An expert Ninja will take you through every strategy (the why) and process (the how) for each piece of the project. We also offer content critiquing and design guidance; this ensures every piece of work lives up to your expectations (and ours). 

In addition, we will provide technical implementation support, so your automation has no reason to fail. Plus, you get access to our vault of expertly designed templates, campaign documentation, supporting videos, and tutorials. 

MAD Plus

As with the previous level, you get expert consultancy across the board. But you can also choose to get on-hand support in an area that you need it: content writing and design, or implementation.

If you are low on content creators, we have a team that will write all your emails and lead magnets. All you will need to do is provide your expertise for us to run with. Or, if you are happy to do the writing but need help with implementing, most of the Ninjas are tech wizards and will proficiently build out your campaigns. 

Don't forget, as part of the consultancy, we critique and guide you in all areas, even if you choose to do one yourself. 

MAD Fully Loaded 

This is really the whole kit and caboodle (hence the name!). It's for businesses that either lack the people-power or time to get things done. Or, it could be for those who want to hand over the reins to us Ninjas. Some people like to have our expertise slathered all over the projects, with the bonus of learning from us as we go. 

We consult, so you learn about everything we are doing. Then, we create so you don't have to. And, we implement to get everything running like clockwork. 

But! Choosing this level will still involve collaboration on your part. Automation Ninjas won't undertake a project without the client's input. You are the expert in your field–without you, the results won't be as effective. 

So, which one do you choose?

Now, you might want to go for a particular level. However, you might need something else. 

That's what we will determine in your introductory call. We want to understand your goals and the depth of the problem/s you are facing. We'll also need to clarify your in-house setup. 

For example, you might have a great implementation team who knows your automation system well or creative content producers who are ready to write what comes their way. 

On the other hand, you could have none of that. Maybe you are flying solo, or your teams are up to their ears in other work. Unfortunately, we often find that's the case–there's not enough time or people power to get shit done. 

Fortunately, that won't phase us. We've got the options; we simply need to discuss what you need. 🙂

Pricing–what do you get for your money?

Yes, we need to address pricing and aren't shy about it. 

Our projects start at £25,000 for MAD Consultancy - this is a solid six months (or thereabouts) of working with us. And if you aren't clear on what you get from that by now, let's go over it briefly. 

Here's a nice infographic that shows you what to expect over the six months, at a minimum.

The MAD Structure

As I mentioned earlier, you get a customer journey. It will be curated from our successful base model and adapted to your business and customers. It will be more detailed than the model and ensure you are clear on how each customer moves through it from start to finish.

>> Learn more about customer journey mapping.

Clarity on awareness. The pinnacle of every great content strategy is an understanding of audience awareness. Without it, you are shooting in the dark, creating content that you hope will resonate with your ideal customer without real insight into what will work. So, we will map out awareness for every stage: Unaware > Most Aware. 

>> Learn more about the awareness scale.

With that awareness, we will create a content plan. It will also consider SEO and topic focus to ensure you publish content that attracts and engages your audience. The number of topics you end up with covers you for at least a year, usually more, to keep that blogging momentum going. Plus, we will give you writing templates to help you get going and stay strategic. 

>> Learn more about content creation.

Lead magnets. Oh, these are glorious pieces of content that every business should have! You will get two awesome lead magnets from our MAD programme to help you attract and convert new business. They will also consider awareness, and we generally try to create something for the top and the bottom of your marketing funnel. You'll learn why during the consultancy calls. 

>> Learn more about lead magnets.

We will create follow-up and nurture campaigns to go alongside the lead magnets. These campaigns are crucial. They don't just deliver the content your leads sign up for; they also nurture them. Offering more context around the topic, plus valuable information to take away—and for the leads in the later stages of awareness, they can even nudge towards a conversion. 

>> Learn more about short-term nurture.

An all-important behavioural intent plan will get devised near the end of the project. First, it is to identify what segmentation you need in place. We will progressively profile your target market and create segments for those groupings. Plus, we'll define more list segments based on specific behaviour and actions. For example, you'll have clarity on when a prospect becomes sales qualified. 

>> Learn more about behavioural intent.

And, finally, we will produce a sales campaign. Lead magnets, nurture, and blogs often focus on getting a lead from MQL to SQL. You want a prospect to be educated, primed, and ready to purchase. Then, you go in with the sell. Depending on your type of business (B2B or B2C), we have options for the kind of sales campaign that works. Though, they have the same goal - to motivate a purchase. 

>> Learn more about sales campaigns.

That's not all, folks!

What I've listed above is the tangible work that gets produced. But you will be working with the Ninjas, which means you get a high level of support. Including weekly or biweekly calls, Q&A sessions, a project management lead, and access to expertise from different skill sets.

Alongside this, we have a wealth of extra exercises, blueprints, and tutorials to help with areas outside of this project. You will have accountability—we will mentor you through the areas you are unsure of and give you deadlines to ensure the project stays on track.

Working with us isn't simply handing over your current strategy, getting it vamped up and having everything done without your input. We aren't that type of agency; we care about bringing you the best results, and you play a part. 

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

Ready to compare your marketing automation service options? 

I hope I've given you some food for thought in this blog. And, I guess if you've reached this point, it's time to make a decision.

You know what we offer, you know how much investment it will require (or thereabouts), and you should be clearer on whether MAD feels like the right option for your business.

So, what do you think? 

Delaying your decision will result in the inevitable…

I'm going to paint an ugly picture for you right now. Please, allow your imagination to join me. 

You are reading this content because you've realised you have a problem, and so far, it's unsolved. 

Think about that problem for a moment.

Perhaps there are multiple challenges you can't seem to overcome. Do you feel as though you've exhausted options? Maybe you just don't have the time to do what you know needs to be done.

It might seem like a relatively minor problem in the grand scheme. You've managed so far; what're a few more weeks or so?

The thing is, that problem will sit there. Festering. Like a rotten apple core lost under the car seat, which you said you would hunt for when you got home.

But you didn't, did you?

A million other things got in the way or took precedence over it. So it's not a big deal; it's just an apple core.

Would it be a big deal if suddenly you had a car full of ants; covering every surface and infesting your glove box?

Hmm. Maybe if you had dealt with that apple when you were aware of it, you wouldn't have such a big problem on your hands.

Back to your problem–I'm sure you don't want it to turn into an ant ambush. So, it's time to make a decision. How are you going to solve the problem before it multiplies?

Problems can multpiply like ants

Don't let your problems multiply!

Why we think you should go MAD

MAD is a tried and tested project. Businesses of all sorts and sizes have benefited from joining the MAD ship. The value of this service is showcased by the success of each business that adopts our methodology and actions our practices.

It boasts expertise in marketing automation and buyer psychology–that's what we are most known for. Plus, our team of Ninjas offers creative content, technical implementation, project management, and design capabilities to ensure each project gets the attention it deserves.

  • If you have trouble with lead generation, MAD will help.
  • If you lack traffic and engagement, MAD will help.
  • If you struggle to convert MQLs to SQL, MAD will help.
  • If you just create random acts of content, MAD will help.
  • If you want to increase customer lifetime value, MAD will help. 
  • If you don't convert and sell at a high level, MAD will help.
  • If you experience customer churn, MAD will help.
  • If you need more structure in your marketing, MAD will help.
  • If you don't even know what you should be doing, MAD will help.

As you've probably guessed, I could go on—but I won't. It's up to you to review your options and match them to your criteria. If MAD is coming up trumps, but you have questions, please reach out.

We are more than happy to have a brief chat about your wants and needs, no obligation to commit to working with us. 

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