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How to build a welcome campaign
May 06

How to build a welcome campaign in your email marketing platform

By Iona Nelson | Content Marketing , Implementation , Marketing Automation

You’re putting a lot of work into getting contacts into your email list. You have luscious lead magnets, beautiful blogs and a nifty newsletter. But just because you’ve got their email address, doesn’t mean you’ve planted your name firmly in their mind. You need a good welcome campaign for that. What is a welcome campaign?A welcome […]

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Jan 21

What are UTMs and why should you add them to your email links?

By Lucy Barfoot | Content Marketing , Marketing Automation

Data in your business. The list of things you could be tracking is massive. The list of what’s not important to track is also massive. Filtering out what’s important aside, you could kill yourself with the numbers if you try and start tracking everything your business would benefit from tracking. Don’t do it to yourself. Take things chunk by […]

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