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May 12

Infusionsoft update May 2020

By Michael Macdonald | Behaviour

Keap are constantly improving and updating Infusionsoft, and are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed with their awesome marketing automation platform. Over the years it has grown from a simple email responder, (the original and still the best) to an all in one sales and marketing powerhouse that has a built in shopping cart, referral partner […]

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May 06

Staying Sane – Special Guest Alex Massey

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation , Behaviour , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing , Marketing Agony Aunt

Living with AnxietyAnxiety makes you feel fearful and out of control. It happens to all of us as part of a natural fight or flight response structured into our makeup for survival. However when you are feeling anxious more often than not, developing physical symptoms and it’s stopping you from contributing to normal activities in […]

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May 04

The pros and cons of remote working

By Mel Foster | Behaviour

Remote working has quickly become the most popular working environment thanks to Coronavirus.  My strength is technical Infusionsoft support but since I have been working remotely for over five years, I thought I should share my experience. For people who have had to shift to working from their homes overnight, it can be overwhelming which is why […]

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Apr 27

Email Newsletter Tips

By Lucy Barfoot | Behaviour

If you already invest time in creating and sending out an email newsletter, I want you to make it rock solid. Let’s make it ultra engaging and a treat to read. I want you creating the type of newsletter that people look forward to landing in their inbox. And if you don’t currently send newsletters […]

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Apr 21

Problems with your welcome campaign

By Beka Ventham | Behaviour

When you arrive somewhere it’s always nice to be welcomed. Whether it’s at your local pub, your sisters’ place or a grand hotel who offer turn down service. A welcome campaign does the same thing for your prospects.Undoubtedly, if they’ve signed up, submitted or sold their soul to you…the good businesses will welcome them with […]

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Apr 14

How to get more leads

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour

 “How do I get more leads?” This is  the most common question I get asked. In all the Marketing Therapy sessions, speaking engagements, and strategy sessions I’ve done over the years – it comes up as a consistent problem for businesses. Needing more leads and wanting to fill your funnel to boost your sales is often the […]

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