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Mar 29

How to add value to your content

By Ashton Porter | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing

Every single business that exists creates content – for websites, blogs, social media, sales brochures, lead magnets and more…Whether they create good, engaging and high-value content is another question!So what does it mean to add value? And why is it so damn important when writing content?!Well friend, that’s exactly what we are about to explore […]

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Jan 21

What are UTMs and why should you add them to your email links?

By Lucy Barfoot | Content Marketing , Marketing Automation

Data in your business. The list of things you could be tracking is massive. The list of what’s not important to track is also massive. Filtering out what’s important aside, you could kill yourself with the numbers if you try and start tracking everything your business would benefit from tracking. Don’t do it to yourself. Take things chunk by […]

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Sep 07

How to optimise content for lead generation

By Automation Ninjas | Content Marketing , Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of cultivating potential customers for your business. According to a report from Hubspot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge.When you rely on continuous conversions to keep your business growing the pressure of lead generation can seem overwhelming. It’s important to invest in quality lead […]

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Aug 03

Feedback Optimisation Guide

By Automation Ninjas | Content Marketing

Feedback helps our businesses improve and grow. Without feedback we are pushing in one direction while our customers may be struggling against us the other way, which would leave us with reduced customer satisfaction and less eager customers.This should be such an integral part of our business model that we want to help you really get […]

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