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Aug 17

Create a re engagement campaign

By Mel Foster | Infusionsoft & Keap

Re-engagement campaigns are gold dust – if you know when and how to use them effectively.Why do I need a re-engagement campaign?A huge number of emails hit your customers’ inboxes each day. There is so much competition for your list’s attention. It’s inevitable that a percentage of your list will stop engaging with your marketing […]

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Infusionsoft Update May 2020
May 12

Infusionsoft update May 2020

By Michael Macdonald | Infusionsoft & Keap

Keap are constantly improving and updating Infusionsoft, and are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed with their awesome marketing automation platform. Over the years it has grown from a simple email responder, (the original and still the best) to an all in one sales and marketing powerhouse that has a built in shopping cart, referral partner […]

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Mar 16

Marketing Automation for Virtual Events

By Michael Macdonald | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Infusionsoft & Keap , Marketing Automation , Marketing Strategy

This blog will give  you an overview of how your business can use marketing automation to launch, deliver and follow up on a virtual event. It will help you understand how to make it easy for your customers to express their interest, sign up, receive updates and reminders, see replays and receive targeted and customised follow […]

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Feb 03

How to build a Non Disclosure Agreement campaign

By Mel Foster | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Infusionsoft & Keap , Marketing Automation

Why do you need a non disclosure agreement campaign? Imagine you’ve created all your lovely online content, and are ready to release it to your faithful customers. But what is stopping those customers from sharing your amazing content with the rest of the world?You’ve worked damned hard, and put all of your hard earned expertise […]

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