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Nov 30

How to Import Contacts into Infusionsoft

By Mel Foster | Infusionsoft , Keap

Whether you’re adopting a new CRM system or populating a database it usually means one agonising truth – you have to import contacts.  It’s the worst! Especially as most tools don’t talk to one another and some don’t even allow you to export your database. This means lots of pain and manual intervention. So you’ve got your strategy […]

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Aug 23

What to include in your lifecycle marketing

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour , Keap , Lifecycle Marketing

So you’re implementing lifecycle marketing. Well aren’t you a mutha flippin gangsta?! You’re so gangsta it’s entirely possible you were the person Fatboy Slim wrote Gangsta Trippin about…in 1998. Because he’s also a Timelord… Obscure pop culture references aside making the leap to use lifecyle marketing is a big deal and one you should feel very excited […]

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The Epic Marketing Show - What is Infusionsoft
Jun 28

The Epic Marketing Show – What is Infusionsoft?

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation , Infusionsoft , Keap

Infusionsoft is awesome. If we didn’t think so we wouldn’t have spent all that time becoming one of Infusionsoft Software Inc’s leading certified partners. It’s awesome because Infusionsoft is specifically designed for small businesses. Because small businesses underpin every economy in the world, we think that makes the platform pretty rad too. The reason for that is […]

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