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Feb 11

What is a lead magnet?

By Ashton Porter | Lead Generation

If you browse the internet, I’m more than certain you’ve consumed a lead magnet at least once in your life.You may even have one or more set up for your business. Nice work!But if you’re not sure what a lead magnet is, or perhaps whether you’ve got a really good one in place, read on…We […]

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Feb 03

How to optimise your current lead magnets

By Iona Nelson | Lead Generation

You likely have some awesome lead magnets already. Ebooks, webinars, guides, templates and workbooks are examples of lead magnets you can offer your audience, to build trust with your brand.Do you have these? Yes?! Congrats! They’re a massive part of any marketing strategy. But are yours performing at their best?It’s a common dilemma. Hours of blood, […]

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Sep 28

Lead Magnet Writing Guide

By Beka Ventham | Lead Generation

Lead magnets are a critical part of business lead generation strategy. They play such a central role in attracting fresh new prospects because they are vats of value on offer.The ultimate lead magnet will benefit your prospect in some way, establish your positioning as a business and encourage the prospect to act in signing up […]

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Sep 07

How to optimise content for lead generation

By Beka Ventham | Content Marketing , Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of cultivating potential customers for your business. According to a report from Hubspot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge.When you rely on continuous conversions to keep your business growing the pressure of lead generation can seem overwhelming. It’s important to invest in quality lead […]

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