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Sep 28

Lead Magnet Writing Guide

By Beka Ventham | Lead Generation

Lead magnets are a critical part of business lead generation strategy. They play such a central role in attracting fresh new prospects because they are vats of value on offer.The ultimate lead magnet will benefit your prospect in some way, establish your positioning as a business and encourage the prospect to act in signing up […]

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Sep 14

The Psychology of Lead Generation

By Kenda Macdonald | Lead Generation

Good lead generation is becoming increasingly hard to come by.While good leads are getting harder to get, there seem to be more and more “experts” and “gurus” popping up with all kinds of new age advice on how to generate leads in the new best way possible. Unfortunately, decent lead generation isn’t about the tools, the […]

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Sep 07

How to optimise content for lead generation

By Beka Ventham | Content Marketing , Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of cultivating potential customers for your business. According to a report from Hubspot, 61% of marketers consider generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge.When you rely on continuous conversions to keep your business growing the pressure of lead generation can seem overwhelming. It’s important to invest in quality lead […]

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An example of a lead magnet delivery campaign
Jan 20

An example of a lead magnet delivery campaign

By Mel Foster | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Engagement , Engagement Marketing , Lead Generation

What is a lead magnet campaign?You’ve created a great lead magnet you know your consumers are going to love, but now you need to deliver it… The lead magnet delivery campaign is one of the cornerstones to using marketing automation to generate new leads and save time by automating the follow up.  Whether your prospects will […]

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Jun 12

8 reasons why people aren’t opening your emails

By Beka Ventham | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lead Generation

Emails are a core part of a lot of people’s marketing strategy. It continues to be the best method to get information to their consumers and a core part of not only establishing a relationship with consumers but nurturing it over a long period of time. When people don’t open your emails it means they aren’t […]

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Aug 02

Life Cycle Marketing – The Ninja Way

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Engagement , Infusionsoft & Keap , Lead Generation , Lifecycle Marketing , Marketing Automation , Nurture , Sales

How do you define “Marketing”?If you’re in the business of selling anything, providing a service, customer service, or keeping people happy, you’re in the business of marketing. We define marketing as “anything to do with influencing a decision, making a sale, keeping a customer, and keeping them happy”. That means all the way from advertising, to point […]

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