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Aug 29

Customer behaviour and cognitive bias

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation , Behaviour , Content Marketing , Engagement Marketing , Lifecycle Marketing , Marketing Agony Aunt

Why do prospects and customers do such odd and illogical things? How do you plan for behaviour with your marketing?And how do you get awesome conversion rates? We hear from a curious marketer whose customers and prospects are behaving a little oddly…Resources from this episode: What are cognitive Biases5 Cognitive Biases you should know aboutFind […]

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Aug 02

Finding Love and Customer Reviews – The Marketing Agony Aunt

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation , Behaviour , Marketing Agony Aunt

Love, testimonials and Reviews Your Aunty Kenda is here to help and this week I’m helping the love lorn find the courage to ask those special clients in their lives to ask for testimonials and customer reviews. Which seems entirely reasonable but it’s something most businesses are terrible at doing. Maybe everyone is being too British […]

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