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Nov 30

Why Nurture Works

By Kenda Macdonald | Nurture

The psychology behind why nurture increases conversion ratesNurture is the art of educating and adding value to your audience to further your relationship with them. Businesses often put time and effort into Nurture purely because they’ve heard that nurturing their audience can increase conversion rates. And with stats like the following, why wouldn’t you be investing […]

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May 26

Sales cycle stages : the perfect sales pipeline

By Kenda Macdonald | Marketing Automation , Marketing Strategy , Nurture , Sales

“Sales cycle stages” “Sales Pipeline” “Sales Funnels”They all sound… so salesy… They sound like they’re the domain of hardcore Wolf of Wall Street sales lions. I always imagine offices full of suited shiny shoe sales men ready to sell you the blood in your own veins.But in reality every business is making sales. You have […]

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How to do lead nurturing successfully
Dec 19

How To Do Lead Nurturing Successfully; Real Life Example

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Content Marketing , Engagement , Engagement Marketing , Nurture

Lead nurturing is an amazingly powerful tool when done successfully. That statement alone could be the end of this blog post, but let’s not simply take my word for it, let’s talk numbers. What if I said you could do one thing and double your campaign performance? And by double I mean a 231% increase in […]

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Aug 02

Life Cycle Marketing – The Ninja Way

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Engagement , Infusionsoft & Keap , Lead Generation , Lifecycle Marketing , Marketing Automation , Nurture , Sales

How do you define “Marketing”?If you’re in the business of selling anything, providing a service, customer service, or keeping people happy, you’re in the business of marketing. We define marketing as “anything to do with influencing a decision, making a sale, keeping a customer, and keeping them happy”. That means all the way from advertising, to point […]

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How lead-scoring and email nurturing can help you convert more leads
Feb 26

How lead-scoring and email nurturing can help you convert more leads

By Kenda Macdonald | Anthology , Behaviour & Marketing Psychology , Infusionsoft & Keap , Lead Generation , Marketing Automation , Nurture , Sales

How to get your leads to buy from youYou’ve created a luscious lead magnet, hosted a webinar or done any manner of things to get someone onto you email list. Now you just have to hold tight and wait for them to buy, right? Well not quite! In fact, it’s thought that 75% of leads don’t […]

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