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By Kenda Macdonald | Content Marketing

May 01

You’ve got a great looking website. Your service or products are the best in the biz and you even have one of those blog thingies.


But that blog thingy is a crucial part of you marketing mix and when we say crucial mean really flipping important. But you know this. Or at least you should know this.

If you don’t go read our content marketing blog right now. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

So content is hella important. Creating, posting and sharing regular content on your website is one of the single most important marketing activities you can do in the current digital ecosystem.

Content informs your audience, builds trust and – when the time comes – hands you a lead who understands your products or services and is ready to buy from you and only you.

Great content cuts down on lead times and increases close rates because when you’ve answered all their questions with great content there’s no need to demonstrate your value by lowering your prices.

However – whilst you’ve no doubt sat sagely nodding along – regular content is no longer enough.

Content without a plan in place is like a broken pencil: pointless.

But we just blog when we feel like

If you could imagine for a second that I’m slowing clapping…

You get points for bothering at all – most businesses don’t – but intermittent blogging will only take you so far.

As we all know, Google demands new. Regularly updated websites are Google’s jam so the ones that get updated often are crawled more regularly which pushes them up the search rankings.

However new content is no longer enough to come out on top in a crowded market place simply because Google asks more of us than just slinging the odd blog at the wall and hoping it sticks.

The reason for this is really simple:

Your content needs to be relevant, engaging and highly focused on addressing your customer’s questions.

Think of it this way: imagine if every customer you could potentially work with all took to Google (other search engines are available) at the same time and each typed in a search query.

Dimes to doughnuts they wouldn’t all type in the same thing, even if some of them were asking the same question.

The more relevant content that answers those questions you have the more potential customers will see your content.

But don’t forget blogging is not a fire and forget marketing method. The odd blog here and there means that you’re only serving a small proportion of your potential audience because you’re only answering one question out of a hundred.

Answer all of the questions and two very cool things happen.

  1. You will occupy a greater piece of real estate on Google – meaning more pages on your website are being served as relevant search results.
  2. Your customers – potential or otherwise – will trust you.

So how do you create a bevvy of great, relevant content that will get Google and your customers hot under the collar?

That’s easy. You need a plan.

I love it when a plan comes together

Now you may think you have a plan which is to blog. Lots. About things. But to save you from yet more slow clapping I’ll skip to the reveal:

For your blogging to have meaningful results both in terms of beneficial SEO and building a loyal and trusting readership – who will be a mix of customers and soon-to-be customers – you need to plan your content and plan it well.

Plans are good. Ask Hannibal.

Plans allow you to really get under the skin of your industry and answers all those important questions. They also stop you from getting overwhelmed by the size of the task in front of you.

Firmly wearing our positive hats however, lots of blog topics means lots of lovely content that your audience are crying out for. High fives all round.

But your plan needs to be based on research analysis and clear objectives. This last part is especially important as unless you lay out what the measures of success are – X number of good quality leads for example – then it’s impossible to determine if what you’re writing about is working.

The good news is that there are lots of very groovy tools that can help you figure out where to put your energies.

Combining tools like, and Google Analytics you can identify the keywords your site currently ranks for – this can be a little sobering at times, the search volume against the keywords you want to rank for and the kind of questions that your audience is asking around them.

Is a monster job but it becomes a living breathing document that you can add to and improve over time which will – in turn – make your content all the stronger.

How we can help

We understand just how daunting it can be to create such an involved document without a firm grasp of the tools you need or what your business’ measure of success looks like.

But with a little help you can create the content plan you need to transform content creation and make it a measurable and valuable part of your marketing and lead generation effort.

We can work with you to create a content plan that will excite your audience and meet your objectives.

Your industry knowledge is mighty so we leverage that with a little ninja power (and a few of those cool tools) to develop a content plan that will speak to your entire audience – regardless of job role or persona – about the content they really care about or questions they need answered.

With Google expecting businesses to create regular, highly focused, relevant content – and down ranking those who don’t – it’s never been more important to approach content in a structured and measurable way.

Click here to get a kickass content plan and rock your content marketing or to discuss other Ninja services that can support your business contact us today.


About the Author

Kenda Macdonald is an Automation Ninja. With a background in Forensic Psychology and an affinity for statistics and behaviourally intelligent automation – she’s not your average expert. She’s been living and breathing Infusionsoft since 2011 and has spent over 14 500 hours learning new ways to automate what people think is impossible. She’s a true nerd, and spends her waking hours helping businesses understand behaviour for super effective marketing, and relishes in simplifying over complicated processes for truly intelligent automated marketing. She’s the founder of Automation Ninjas - Experts in behavioural automation. Expect enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge – not normalcy.

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