Getting more from your customers – Customer Lifetime Value

By Michael Macdonald | Behaviour

Customer Life Time Value
Aug 10

What’s the secret to customers that buy time and time again, are super loyal, and turn to you for EVERYTHING they need within your niche?

We hear from a lass looking for customer connections that last.

Learn how to go about getting customers for life, my favourite statistics on customer life time value, how to go about calculating customer life time value - and most importantly how not to annoy customers with sales emails... Enter your text here...

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Michael Macdonald is an Automation Ninja. Mike is the bearded ninja, second half of the ninja chiefs and the money man. Mike is dedicated to all things process and works tirelessly to improve how Ninjas operates. When Mike isn’t at his laptop you can find him in the garden, out walking/mushroom hunting or relaxing with a brew.

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