Work with us one-to-one for a day

What we can do with the day?

You’re not quite looking for the MAD or Elite services. You’re not quite ready to commit to working with us on a monthly basis at the moment. But you do still need some ninja help to nail your marketing automation and customer journey. 

This is where our day-rate services could be perfect for you. 

We can create a fully personalised day entirely suited to your business needs. Whether you are looking for us to work with a small managerial group or your entire team. We can step in and get your marketing in the best shape of it’s life. 

This day is all about you and your business. 

The day starts with hearing all about what you think your gaps in strategy are, we then use our ninja knowledge to segment your biggest pains and work through actionable solutions one by one. 

The biggest priority for us to to build your intentional customer journey. A customer journey will help you understand your customers’ experience from A to Z. We will then use this revolutionary information to create a strategy that is entirely customer centric and will drive your entire strategy.








Who should work with us one-to-one

Not sure if working with us for a day or two is right for you?

We could tell you that you should work with us because we are the best at what we do…and we are but that doesn’t mean you should work with us. 

You should work with us one-to-one if it’s going to be beneficial to your business. If you are a marketing strategist who is behaviourally automating your customer journey, we could probably learn a thing or two from you.

Even if you have a great strategy, without an effective customer journey behind it you are definitely missing out on customer lifetime value and authentic engagement.

You should work with us one to one if you want to generate better leads, increase ROI and develop customer lifetime value.


Yes – when geographically possible! We find that it is much more involved if we can get you in a room and work together.

A day will give you all the groundwork you need to succeed, you will have to put the hard graft in to make it work though!

If you have questions about our methodology and want some clarifications on how it will benefit your business get in touch – we want you to be sure this will add value to your business.

The beauty of spending a day with an expert is that it reveals goals in the shadows you may have previously missed and building the customer journey will highlight any uncertainties which we will happily work through with you!

We don’t want to waste your time so before we meet up, we will send you some exercises to help you identify your ideal customer which will guide your customer journey.

Increase your engagement

Attract better quality leads

Increase ROI

Build customer lifetime value

Create a seamless buying process

Most importantly – happier customers = happier you!

What our ninja clients say

The stats say it all. Automation Ninjas are an essential part of my business. Throughly recommend.

Karen McFadyen: Founder CakeCoachOnline

How much is our day rate

The cost will depend on exactly what you are looking for and how long you need to work with us for.

If you are looking to hire the ninjas for a day or two then it will cost you:

£1500 + VAT for one full day (10am- 4pm)

£2500 + VAT for two full days (10am-4pm)

We can discuss exactly what it is you need and give you a final cost from there. 

Hack the buyer brain

Get a look into our head ninja’s brain and unpack consumer psychology and the stages of the buying process in an accessible way.

what results will i see?

What results you see will, of course, depend on what you are looking to get out of the one-to-one day. But with a little determination and hard work the results can be phenomenal.

Increase your engagement

Attract better quality leads
Increase ROI

Build customer lifetime value

Create a seamless buying process

Most importantly – happier customers = happier you!

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