Finding Love and Customer Reviews

By Michael Macdonald | Behaviour

Aug 02

How do you go about getting good testimonials and reviews from your customers?

Getting an “I love you too” can be so hard, and we hear from a hopeless romantic that is struggling to find love.

Learn how to go about getting reviews, what questions to ask to get testimonials that make an impact and avoid the cognitive bias’ our brains use to corrupt memories, why bribery is bad, and how creating exceptional customer experiences simply isn’t enough.

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About the Author

Mike - aka the Bearded Ninja - is a director at Automation Ninjas. Amongst his many hats he looks after some of our most complex client campaigns, the company finances and makes sure his fellow Ninja are supported in all the ways so they can do a great job for our clients. He also supports Kenda in developing the business so our products and services deliver what our clients need. Despite Mike’s horticultural background he is every bit the automation expert with literally thousands of Infusionsoft hours under his belt. Like Kenda, much of his time is dedicated to helping our clients achieve greatness. In his own time Mike tends to his garden and can be found listening to hardcore metal, drum and bass and Beethoven.

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