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Dec 04

We send email broadcasts because they are convenient, quick and great for engagement (when done right!).

But what is an email broadcast? 

An email broadcast is a single email that is sent to an entire list of people at the same time. Often referred to as a ‘blast’ unless you’re segmenting effectively (which you should be!).

A broadcast is generally the best option when you need to send the same email to everyone at the same time, such as a monthly newsletter.

Creating and Scheduling an Email Broadcast

  1. Hover over the main Infusionsoft Menu and select Email & Broadcasts


  1. Hit the Get Started Button, and then select one of the default templates, or one of your own if you have any set up.


  1. Make sure you use the correct “From” email address, enter your subject line and your copy. Then select who you want the broadcast to go to. This could be to an existing saved search, or to a group segmented by tags


  1. When you are happy with your email, hit review and send


  1. In the next window, choose when you would like your email to be sent and hit Schedule


That’s it! Your email will be sent on the date and time you’ve selected.

Stopping a Scheduled Broadcast

Once a  broadcast has been scheduled, you cannot make any changes to it ie. Edit the email, update the sending time/date, add or remove people. If you want to change any of these things, then you’ll need to stop the broadcast. 

This is how:

  1. Under Email & Broadcasts, select view Email Broadcasts


  1. Use the criteria to search for the email you’d like to stop, then hit search 


  1. Hit view on the email you’d like to stop


  1. Hit Stop email


Now you can make any changes you need to, and then reschedule again using the steps above.

Viewing the status of a previously sent broadcast

If you’d like to see the status and stats of a previously sent broadcast, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Head over to Reports, under Marketing


  1. Select the relevant Report


  1. Again, use the criteria options to choose the broadcast you want to look at, hit search, and as in the step above, click view on the correct email


This will open up a new window containing the following information 


Are you using email broadcasts to update your lists?

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