Infusionsoft update May 2020

By Michael Macdonald | Infusionsoft & Keap

May 12
Infusionsoft Update May 2020

Keap are constantly improving and updating Infusionsoft, and are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed with their awesome marketing automation platform. 

Over the years it has grown from a simple email responder, (the original and still the best) to an all in one sales and marketing powerhouse that has a built in shopping cart, referral partner module, sales team and opportunities module, and all the conditional follow up you could need to run a small business. 

We’re Keap/Infusionsoft Certified Partners, and we like to keep connected with everything that the mothership is doing, and we’re committed to helping people succeed with Infusionsoft. It’s our pleasure to be bringing you some of the updates that you may have missed in the past month, and how they could be used within your business. 

I’m not going to include bug fixes in our summary of the updates, as they will only be relevant to a small number of our community. At the end of this blog, you’ll find the links to Keap’s official website, and their extended release notes. 

Table of recent Infusionsoft Releases

Release Date

Features and Fun Facts

April 10, 2020

  • Campaign Builder update: Keyboard Shortcut Menu

April 2, 2020

  • Campaign Builder update: Send an invoice if there’s no credit card on file

March 27, 2020

  • Stripe Integration

  • Campaign Builder - Decision Diamonds now easier and more powerful

March 20, 2020

  • Campaign Builder - Decision Diamonds - Check for empty fields

Keyboard Shortcuts Menu

If you have been using Infusionsoft for years, you will be used to manipulating campaign objects the way you always have. Recent updates in the user interface have meant some changes to this. 

This handy little button below, in the bottom left of your canvas will show you a popup of handy tips for using your keyboard and mouse/keypad to do all the things you are used to. 


When clicked, it will show you this menu:


If you wish to return to your previous method of mouse/keypad working, you can do so by heading into Admin Settings 

Under the ‘General’ tab, at the bottom of the page is a new Heading - ‘Campaign Builder’, with the option to enable simple left click. 


I prefer the original way of playing with campaign objects, so I have this on a firm ‘Yes’

If you’re new to Infusionsoft, you may like it just as it is, and that’s fine too!

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder: Send an invoice if there’s no credit card on file

This one is very cool - Don’t be fooled, it seems like a minor change, but it reduces the number of steps in your customer’s buying journey and  brings you one step closer to getting paid, which is always a big win. 

You may not have discovered the ‘Create Order’ widget within campaign builder, but if you are taking payments through Infusionsoft, it’s a must-have in your toolkit. 

‘Create Order’ lives within your campaign sequence toolbar, below:


When you have the widget on your canvas, and have added your desired product, you now have the following options:


The option I have selected above will take the payment for the product that you have selected. Please note that your country will most likely have a legal framework for online purchases, so please check before using this feature. 

You will at the very least need to set the expectations and inform the customer in no uncertain terms that you will be taking payment from their current card before you do so. You will probably need to link to your terms and conditions too, and let people know that their purchase is subject to these terms. 

If there is no card on file, Infusionsoft will send a Payable Invoice via email. That’s the new bit, and means you don’t need to create a special order form just for that product, or send your contacts to your shopping cart to enable them to purchase if they have not purchased from you before. The purchase will be made through your default merchant account, set up within ‘Payment Types’ in Ecommerce Setup. 

This nifty new feature can be used to trigger a sale from an email, a webform submission or could even be used in a one-click upsell. When you have completed an order, imagine a Thank You Page that has a button on it for an upsell, that when pressed, fires off this action!

Stripe integration with Infusionsoft

This is ridiculously exciting for anyone that has been using Infusionsoft for some time. Stripe is a well known, fantastic international payment gateway that Infusionsoft users have been using along with third party integrations since Ecommerce was a thing. 

Now you no longer need a plugin/integration to take Stripe payments, as you can get set up with Stripe within Infusionsoft in minutes. 

Head on over to ‘Ecommerce Setup’ and hit ‘Payment Types’ to get to this handy little widget, and get set up with Stripe! 


Please note the button in the top right side of the widget that asks you if you want to use this as your default credit card processor. This may happen when you create the integration. If you have a merchant account already, and you don’t want Stripe to be the default processor, just keep an eye on this button when you have saved your new settings. 

Campaign Builder - Decision Diamonds now easier and more powerful

Two recent updates mean that you can now copy rules in two different ways:


Next to the delete button, there is a fancy new ‘copy/ button, and clicking on the three dots in the corner gives you the option to copy from a different rule. 

In our example here, we have PlusThis (affiliate link - we love PlusThis) copying the contact’s email address into a custom field so that it can be used to route this decision diamond. Anyone with a Gmail address will go into the sequence called ‘gmail’. I’ve just copied the details from one rule to another instead of having to hand create each rule. Snazzy! 

There is also a new option at the bottom of the window, so that if neither of the sequence rules above apply, you can send the contacts to one of the sequences attached. 

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder - Decision Diamonds - Empty fields:

Life just got even easier if you’re using decision diamonds to check contact fields. 

We’ve been using a custom action set to do this clever automation up until now, and are really happy with this update. 

You can now use a decision diamond to check if a field is empty. Our favourite example of this is as follows: 

We have clients with membership programs, and when someone is initiated into a membership, they receive a password in an email that is populated with a value in a custom field ‘Membership Password’

If that field has not been populated by whatever connection we are using, we don’t want an email to go out to the contact with no password in it, so we need to check that the password is there before sending. Now we can do that easily within the decision diamond. 

Another use may be that you have emails going out from the ‘Contact Owner’, this could be one of your sales reps, or account managers for a contact. Again, if you don’t want that email to go out if they don’t have a contact owner, you can check the ‘Owner’ field has a value right here in the decision diamond. 

Then, in the sequence following, you can either assign an owner, or you can set a task for the contact to be manually checked by an admin member before an email goes out. 


Campaign Builder - Who published the campaign?

Simple one this, In your list of campaigns, you’ll now see who last published the campaign. No more mystery edits!


This will only work for campaigns that have been published after March 12, when this update was released. 

That’s the end of this update, but we will be releasing regular shots of info on what Keap are up to with Infusionsoft and Keap on a regular basis. 

If there are any earth shattering changes, we’ll ping out an email with ways that you can use them within your apps when they land. 

In the meantime, your Infusionsoft account has a wealth of new possibilities, alongside many old favourites that you may not be using. We’ve been running Infusionsoft accounts since it was steam powered, and can help you create awesome follow up, awesome order automation, awesome cart abandoned sequences and all the task management you can handle. 

Your ideal customer journey awaits, hit the button below and book in your marketing therapy session with one of our top Infusionsoft Ninjas now. 

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