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By Beka Ventham | Automation

Jun 05

“Your content becomes an extension of who you are” - Kenda Macdonald

Pretty powerful stuff, am I right?

Our prime ninja was interviewed by Ditsa Keren for Website Planet. Ditsa is a web content specialist and she was really interested in how the ninjas do stuff. Particularly when it came to marketing automation - which is an integral part of what we do.

Kenda explains the background, vision and values behind ninjas and I don’t think this gets highlighted enough. We are so focused on what we can do for small businesses that a lot of people don’t get to hear about our story. Our story makes us who we are and who we are striving to be as a company so this is a really awesome read.

Automation Ninjas is unique is that we focus on customer lifetime value - it’s about more than just the money. It’s about building trust and establishing a genuine relationship, which takes time and dedication. This is what makes us special.

Kenda then takes Ditsa through the definition of marketing automation, which has evolved significantly since our first understanding of automated marketing! This transcendence is what keeps Automation Ninjas ahead of the curb.

Learning how to understand your customers is a key focus in what we do because this is such an integral part of what Automation Ninjas do. Ditsa delves deep into this and gleans some nifty tips from Kenda.

This interview as a whole is really valuable because it excavates insight from the mind of Kenda, which given she’s just published a whole book about how to hack consumer brains - is really informative! Particularly when investigating her opinions on best practice, psychological input and the foreseeable future of marketing automation.

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Beka is our OCD Ninja. It’s her job to bridge the gap between the Ninjas and our clients. It’s her job to walk the line between advocating for the client and badgering them when we need something. As a self confessed control freak with a flair for project management (with myriad of tasks that brings) and being super on it all the time, we think she does a great job. Beka’s background in sales and BA in psychology & sociology makes her something of an expert at managing relationships and under When she’s not Ninjaring you can find Beka with her family, cats or a good book!

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