75% Of Your Leads Will Never Buy – Here’s Why

By Kenda Macdonald | Anthology

Feb 26

Leadscoring is your new best friend....

I'm going to hop straight in with some statistics leading up to leadscoring here:

Only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales... (Source: Gleanster Research) .

That means that 75% of your leads aren't being sold the correct thing, or worse, aren't ready to buy when you start pushing offers.

And it's no wonder then that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. (Source: MarketingSherpa). Scary stuff.

Let's quantify that. If you have 100 leads, only 25 of those are ready/ right for the product.

Of those 25, approx 20 of them WILL NOT PURCHASE.

Which leaves you with a meagre 5. Of 100 leads. That sucks.

But here's the deal: Nurturing your leads until they are ready to purchase, and only selling to them when they are ready...

Which means you can turn those numbers upside down...

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. (Source: The Annuitas Group).

And relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. (Source: Jupiter Research)

Not to mention that nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.

So that could add a healthy 20 people onto your numbers. With higher engagement, spending more money.


The question isn't really why you wouldn't want this now, it's how do you get it?

That's where leadscoring comes in. 

Only start the sales process with your hottest leads. Or trigger specific sale sequences when a lead reaches a certain hotness.

And do it automatically.

Feed your sales campaigns with the hottest, readiest leads, and watch your conversion rates hit the ceiling...

In order to do this, the first thing we have to be comfortable with here is that not all leads are equal. Every single one of your prospects is an individual. Because of that, each of your prospects comes with all the complexities that make humans human. 

Which is not an easy problem to solve if you're trying to automate your marketing. 

If we go back to old face to face sales, this is pretty easy to do. You can see how engaged your prospect is by their body language, facial expressions and what language they are using. We're hardwired to pick that up in people. 

But online that's a different story. You can't see that person. You don't know what they're up to, and that's why you're going to lose 75% of your sales. You have no idea whether or not they are ready to buy....

OK I'm painting a pretty bleak picture here. But there is a very good reason why a 2% conversion rate for marketing campaigns is considered "normal"... 

Let's face it - 2% sucks. 

Now what if I told you we could turn your marketing automation into an artificial intelligence that tracks behaviour and scores your leads based on how they behave and interact with your marketing...

You're probably thinking I've lost the plot. Luckily - not today! Yes we can totally do that, and it's quite simple actually.

So where do you start?

Hint: it's not with some super complicated algorithm.

Nope - you start by understanding yourself as a business. And then understanding where your customer fits in. Once you have your own processes mapped out - what and how you should be scoring becomes easy.

Leadscoring can, and should be simple. And if you have leadscoring in place already - is it really working for you?

Now, there is a reasonable amount to do to get leadscoring really rocking and rolling for you... But we've got our hands on a nifty ebook here to help you out on that process... FRONT TO END.

Want to be able to see exactly which leads are hot like the awesome lead below?

Course you do!

So grab your free copy of the ebook: Leadscoring Like A Rock Star

Take a peek at what's inside.

What's inside?

  • What leadscoring is
  • Knowing your business intimately to be able to leadscore
  • Knowing your customer
  • Understanding your sales process
  • The importance of verisons
  • Mapping your sales process
  • Choosing your scoring system
  • Adding an extra layer of awesome with tags
  • Lead score decay
  • Optimisation
  • Using leadscoring for existing lists

That's a crazy amount for one ebook. And well worth the read. 

Before you get clicking - let me leave you with some thoughts:  

Why stop leadscoring at leads?
Why aren't you thinking about using it for customers too? Surely you want them to buy more...
So how are you going to incorporate lead scoring into your entire sales process...

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Lucy Barfoot 6th March 2017

I learnt loads in this blog, let alone the eBook! I’m printing it off now – love a paper copy so I can refer to it often. All aboard on the journey to getting those magic 5 flames by loads of leads and customers. Thanks Ninjas!

    Kenda Macdonald 6th March 2017

    That’s great Lucy! I prefer printing things out too 😉

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