Lifecyle Marketing Workshop – 30th May 2018

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Lifecycle Marketing Workshop

30th May 2018 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

The Webbington Hotel

Journey's End

If you're reading this then chances are you either think your marketing could be working a lot harder or something in your existing processes isn't quite right.


It's okay - you're among friends.

Consumers are demanding a seamless experience. This is increasingly hard to provide across platforms, channels and products.

You need a customer journey that plans for real human behaviour, takes all your traffic sources, content and sales campaigns into consideration and give you an output that is easy to understand and simple to execute.

Lifecycle marketing is the method that underpins the entire marketing process from attracting new leads right the way through to keeping recently serviced customers happy and engaged with you so you can sell to them again in the future.

With the right approach you can transform your marketing into a lead generating power house and that's good new for everyone.

Whether your don't know where to start or just need some help to nail your customer journey then this workshop is for you.

Find your Tribe

Join other awesome business professionals like you who want to learn the way of the (Automation) Ninja to make your lifecycle marketing work like a dream. 

We’ll walk you through your lifecycle marketing plan step by step so you feel confident about applying what you've learned independently.

You’ll also be in the room with a handful of other businesses focused on the very same task so there's plenty of support and opportunities to share ideas. 

You’ll leave feeling like a whole new person...and with a comprehensive plan in your hands. 

You’ll also get a free nights stay in a lovely 4 star hotel and spa, dinner, breakfast the next morning and a few drinks (should you feel so inclined!) with the Ninjas.

New beginnings

This is an opportunity to focus fully on making your marketing totally rad, with expert guidance on tap.

Originally created by the team at Infusionsoft, lifecycle marketing has been honed and perfected by us into a modular system capable of helping simplify and contain journeys across industries and niches - without losing the all important detail.

Your day will be divided into four sections to cover these four stages of the lifecycle so you have the confidence and the knowledge to replicate the method with your own marketing activities.

Each section will be further broken down to cover the following:

  • Attract
     - Targeting
     - Attract Interest
     - Collect Leads
  • Engage
     - Educate and nurture
     - Add value
  • Sell
     - Offer
     - Close
  • Wow
     - Deliver and wow
     - Offer more
     - Referrals and testimonials

Book your place today

The cost of the workshop is £1200+VAT per person.
This includes an evening meal, an overnight stay at the Webbington 4 star hotel and breakfast the next morning.

To book your place on our lifecycle marketing workshop click the button below. If you have any special requirements or dietary needs please let us know when we contact you ahead of the event.

What our Workshop Graduates have to say...