How to manually opt out a contact in Keap

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Apr 06
How To Manually Opt Out A Contact In Keap

Do you know how to manually opt out a contact in Keap? There are many differences between Infusionsoft and Keap, and if you use both systems like we do in our business, then many of these differences will crop up “on the job”.

We have lots of questions from our clients asking us how to perform certain things in Keap, and it’s only when these questions are asked, that we realise the method of doing them is completely different in Keap, than in Infusionsoft.

I was asked one of these questions a couple of weeks ago. I assumed it would be really straight forward, and would be done in the same way as it’s done in Infusionsoft. How wrong I was!The question was “How do I manually opt out a contact in Keap?”

My initial reaction was “That’s really simple, you just go into the contact record, click on the Manage email status link, and simply choose to opt them out”

This is when my simple two minute task turned into lots of poking around in a Keap app and a live chat conversation with the Keap Support Team, who incidentally told me it wasn’t possible to manually opt out a contact in Keap. 

I had wasted an hour of my life I was never going to get back, and still didn’t have an answer for our client.

I’m stubborn as an ox and knew there must be a way, so I did some more investigation and discovered there was.

How do you manually opt out a contact in Keap?

So, although manually opting out contacts in Keap, isn’t quite as straightforward as it is in Infusionsoft, it’s still a simple task to perform. 

I don’t want you spending more time on this than is necessary -  like I did. I’ve done the steps for you - here’s how:

  1. Head over to Reports


  1. Select the Email engagement tracker report


  1. In the Columns tab of that report, make sure you have selected Manage Email Status. Hit the green search button


  1. Hit Matching Email to toggle the email addresses to make it easier to find the contact you are looking for, and then hit Edit 


  1. This will open a new window in which you can opt out or manage the contact’s email status


Like I said earlier, this is still a simple process, but only if you know how 🙂

If you would like an in depth comparison between Infusionsoft and Keap, then you can read our blog here.

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