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What is a Marketing Therapy session?

A Marketing Therapy Session is putting the time aside to focus on your business.

It’s lying down on the chaise lounge and getting an expert’s perspective on the gaps in your strategy. 

Fresh eyes plus your own knowledge will help identify your problem, set your goals, discover a solution and create action steps. This is the first step in getting your strategy from where it currently is to hero status.

You get 30 minutes with an expert plus a follow up PDF bursting with diagnostics and solutions for absolutely free.

Most businesses we work with either have no customer journey built or they’re not sure how to behaviourally automate effectively. A lot of them are lacking clarity in their strategy and even if they’re nailing their automation - they aren’t adding value to their customers.

This session is for you if you are looking for actionable strategy that you will gain through one on one time with an expert.

You will also get priceless lessons in buyer psychology that will change how you view your process plus a free customer journey flow!

Kenda took the time to really understand our business, pointing out where we could increase the efficiency of the work that we’re doing in marketing. I Came away with some great food for thought, without the heavy sell.

Laura Card


Is a Marketing Therapy Session right for me?

Before we get you booked in, it would be good to see if a chat with a ninja is going to be beneficial to your business....

DO book a Marketing Therapy Session if you...

  • Need direction with your marketing strategy
  • Want help engaging with your list effectively 
  • Want to build a customer journey
  • Are willing to put in some hard graft

DON'T book a Marketing Therapy session if you...

  • Are looking for a quick fix
  • Are not willing to change your strategy
  • Don't value your customers 
  • Believe that "blasting" is a marketing technique 

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