Praise for Hack the Buyer Brain

Who doesn’t love a pat on the back? Hack the Buyer Brain has been so well received and had so many pats flying at it from all over the world that we wanted to share the love. It makes us so happy to see these happy bookworms! 

Hack the Buyer Brain is the behaviourally intelligent marketing brain-child of Kenda Macdonald. This book is a bible for marketers and will teach you the ninja methodology which will ultimately level you up from marketer to marketing dominator. 

Keep scrolling for some more lovely things people said about Hack The Buyer Brain…

Look at all Lisa's mini post-it notes... so much for her to refer back to!

Debbie and her excited face! 

​​I LOVE this book. It's so refreshing to hear someone walk you through to exact steps to build better connections to our prospects and customers. It makes so much sense. I only wish I'd had this book 3 years ago.

Martin Huntbach

THE book for really understanding your customers and learning how to add value to them!

Amazon Customer

​Love this book. Can't recommend it enough. It's beautifully crafted and breaks down a complex subject into simple and easy to digest chunks. With pleanty of real life examples and the science to back it up. This book won't only help you get more customers, but make sure they buy from you with a smile and stay loyal for a long time.

D K Ekins

As a marketing manager I am always looking to improve what we do. This book is packed with actionable instructions on how to craft experiences rather than just market to people. Content marketing is about journeys and requires a solid strategy to achieve ROI, this book will guide you to craft that journey. It’s also easy to read, and although it has references to research that backs its points, its not full of jargon. The points are validated but all psychological terms are clearly explained.

Lisa C

If automation is your game, this book is a must! I got through an entire packet of coloured tags bookmarking key takeaways that I want to implement in my marketing efforts 🙂

Lauren Fowles

So, who is the book for?
It's for all of us trying to get our heads around the complexities of marketing and sales in the ever-changing digital world.

We are all designing customer experiences - and these experiences have to go well beyond the purchase. Hack the Buyer Brain (HTTB) provides a framework and a set of rules any marketer can follow. Since reading it, I have referred back to it often.

What's the book like?
I study this stuff all the time but I found the HTBB experience educational, authoritative, well-researched and logical. Above all though, it was compelling, I wanted to keep reading it. I only read really good books in one go.

Paul Tansey