We want to change the way businesses relate to their consumers.

Kenda Macdonald has uses her passion and industry leading knowledge of marketing automation to help businesses transform the way they interact with their customers and improve how they build long term relationships. 

This has been enhanced by her pioneering approach to behavioural marketing - essentially applying psychological principals surrounding human behaviour and the way our minds work in order to attract the right prospects and increase conversions.

In short she makes helps businesses become more profitable by helping them sell to the right people.

Kenda is an experienced speaker who has delivered talks across the UK, US and Canada. Her energetic style, allied with her passion and expert knowledge of the subject matter makes for captivating, informative and engaging sessions.

Kenda's goal is to help businesses improve how they develop trust with their consumers and how this ultimately contributes towards behaviourally intelligent marketing.

Knowledge Bombs

decision science

Understand what drives your customers to make decisions and what you can do to influence those decisions for better conversions.

engagement marketing

Create content that engages your audience to develop meaningful relationships with customers over time for higher conversion and lifetime value.

buyer psychology

Understanding your customer makes it easier to communicate with them, cater for their needs and provide them with the solution that'll make their lives better.

automation marketing

Marketing automation is great. Intelligent marketing automation is epic. Create meaning and value through automation software to grow your business.

Spoken at...

Affiliate Summit
B2B Marketing Expo
SMX London
Social Media Conference
dot york
Digital in Kent
Freelance Mum
Melksham Business Expo

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Brass Tacks

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Kenda will always attend the whole day in order to meet people and give them the opportunity to ask questions about her areas of expertise. If this is not possible for whatever reason we will let you know as soon as possible.

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