The Epic Marketing Show: Getting the most out of your Marketing Automation

By Kenda Macdonald | Infusionsoft & Keap

Aug 01

Marketing automation is our jam, the clue is right there in our name. We believe that marketing automation has the potential to change literally every business for the better.

Throw in some ethical capitalism (yes it's really a thing) and you can change the world.

So this week's episode of The Epic Marketing Show is a biggie! Both figuratively and literally.

Getting the most out of your marketing automation solution is pretty damn important. Mainly because you've invested money in it. No business - however big or small - can afford to be frivolous with money.

You've invested in it, you've spend time learning how to use it (hopefully) so it should work. It should be a source of constant joy because it's made your life so easy. Not something so traumatic that you've developed a tick whenever anyone says the words 'marketing' and 'automation' in a sentence.

That is not okay.

In this half hour bumper edition tackles the weighty subject of getting the most from your marketing automation - whatever that platform may be.

That's why for this episode we're rolling out the big guns. Or - more accurately an ARMI.

Mobilising your Marketing Automation

Over the last few years Ninjas have been developing our own internal methodology specifically to nail any campaign. Called ARMI, it's something we've used to great success for both our own campaigns and those we deliver for clients. ARMI stands for:

  • Assessment
  • Recommendation
  • Machination
  • Implementation

Rather than keeping it all to ourselves, we thought we'd give you a peek behind the velvet curtain and see what an ARMI can do for your campaign success.

The wizard of marketing automation

ARMI has been tried and tested over hundreds of campaigns and we believe it's the best model in the wild. It's designed to give you both structure and a process to make your campaigns awesome.

Click below and find out how too can get the most out of your marketing automation.

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This all ties in very specifically with our ARMI methodology covered in last week’s episode which you can watch here.

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