The Epic Marketing Show – How to Flowchart a Campaign

By Kenda Macdonald | Engagement Marketing

Oct 17

If you want your marketing automation campaigns to be a success it takes work. If you were told automation was the magic wand that would solve all your woes then you were horribly mislead.

Don't get me wrong - marketing automation can and does work. We've worked with businesses all over the globe who have seen incredible results.

But the one thing they all have in common is they all do the work to make their campaigns a kick ass success.

That means planning and lots of it.

But before you run screaming from the room remember: planning is awesome.

Don't run from flowcharts

Say it with me: Planning. Is. Awesome.

It's awesome because planning allows you to understand what it is you want your campaign to achieve. It would horrify you how many businesses just send emails out without a clear objective other than staying 'front of mind'.

That was cool a decade ago but the world has moved on. Consumers don't want to think about you all the time. They want you to help them with the problems in their lives.

Because - and here's the rub - if you don't someone else will.

This is entirely because consumers have gotten wise to the fact that they're the ones with the power. Sure they want a service or a product to meet a need. But you want their money and - ideally - their repeat custom in the future.

Accepting this actually makes it easier to sell to your audience, not harder. Simply because you're not wasting time trying old fashioned sales techniques that don't work.

It means you can focus on adding value, selling them what they need and building a long lasting relationship. Long lasting relationships mean repeat business.

Repeat business means higher profits.

Flowcharts are the shizniz

All this because you planned your marketing automation campaigns. Good planning means flowcharts. It means taking figuring out where you want your customers to end up and planning out a journey on how to get them there.

Then you figure out where the leaks are and plug them. You keep doing this until your flowchart - and your campaign - moves as smoothly as a babbling brook.

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