The Epic Marketing Show – Tags in Infusionsoft

By Kenda Macdonald | Infusionsoft & Keap

Sep 12

In this episode of The Epic Marketing Show we delve into the awesome and nerdy world of tags in Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft tagging tags

No not that kind of tagging, I may be street but I'm not gangsta.

Creating tags in Infusionsoft is something of an art form and therefore there are right and wrong ways to do it. That isn't to say the way you're applying them currently is wrong of course.

It's just about making sure that Infusionsoft is working as hard as possible for you by applying those tags in the most effective way. 

The reason applying tags in your Infusionsoft app is tricky is because it's a very personal thing. Every business is different so therefore information each business collects about their clients is different.

Of course there's going to be some common ground but an automotive supplier is going to care about a very different set of information than a scale miniature company. 

Because why would a brake discs manufacturer care about whether or not our Scribble Ninja collects Space Marines. Although he does just FYI.

Infusionsoft Marines

Tags are awesome

Tagging makes a huge difference in terms of how successfully businesses use Infusiosoft to provide great service and better value to their customers.

Tags are there to help you understand who your clients are. Knowing the difference between a prospect and a loyal customer is pretty damn important in the world of sales. Not just from how you sell but what you sell.

Get your tags defined and applied correctly and you're in a strong position to communicate with your prospect or client. Once the communications are flowing it's much easier to sell to them. So good habits early on are really super important.

Tags in Infusionsoft are the shizzle. With glitter and sparkly bits on top.

That's why we thought it was worth taking a bit of time to explain 7 things you need for a successful Infusionsoft tagging strategy. This will give you all of that lovely insight to better understand your clients and do rad things.

In this episode we cover Information Tags and Action Tags (and the difference between the two) and the importance of segmenting your data correctly.

There's also a little bit in there about the difference between tags and categories just to help the Infusionsoft newbies out there. It's okay, we were all beginners once.

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