The Epic Marketing Show – What is Infusionsoft?

By Kenda Macdonald | Automation

Jun 28
The Epic Marketing Show - What is Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is awesome. If we didn't think so we wouldn't have spent all that time becoming one of Infusionsoft Software Inc's leading certified partners.

It's awesome because Infusionsoft is specifically designed for small businesses. Because small businesses underpin every economy in the world, we think that makes the platform pretty rad too. 

Infusionsoft is Excellent

The reason for that is simple - it levels the playing field. It allows small - or even micro - businesses to communicate as effectively as the big boys.

Of course it takes money and no shortage of hard work. But the things in life worth having usually demand the effort otherwise what's the point?

That aside, we love Infusionsoft because it's a seriously powerful tool when used correctly. Whether it's the CRM, the campaign builder or lead scoring it has the potential to help you achieve great things.

That may sound a little hyperbolic but when you think about what all those things allow you to do, it's really not.

Think about what your conversion rates would look like if you had an intelligently built long term nurture. Something that you can build and edit yourself - improving campaigns as you go. But all the while you're learning more and more about your audience, which means you can sell to them better.

That's serious stuff. Like serious business altering stuff. 

Watch the video below to learn about the Infusionsoft® software, all of its awesome features and how it can help SMEs just like yours.

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Kenda Macdonald is an Automation Ninja. With a background in Forensic Psychology and an affinity for statistics and behaviourally intelligent automation – she’s not your average expert. She’s been living and breathing Infusionsoft since 2011 and has spent over 14 500 hours learning new ways to automate what people think is impossible. She’s a true nerd, and spends her waking hours helping businesses understand behaviour for super effective marketing, and relishes in simplifying over complicated processes for truly intelligent automated marketing. She’s the founder of Automation Ninjas - Experts in behavioural automation. Expect enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge – not normalcy.

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