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By Kenda Macdonald | Speaking Events

Jun 04

We've hit 10 days to one of my most looked forward to speaking gigs this year... 

The Turn Your List Into A Cash Machine Bootcamp.

Let me break down exactly why I'm so excited

Sure sure, it sounds like your average webinar - but this is something else entirely. This is a full day of training on how to get real Customer Lifetime Value from your existing list. 

Here's the thing that blows my mind about most businesses - there is so much focus on getting prospects and leads, that once those prospects and leads turn into customers, they are promptly forgotten and you traipse around to the beginning of the process and start all over again. 

This is a very very common process, almost every business I have ever worked with does this. And yet it's so wasteful. 

I've spoken about the power of Customer Lifetime Value before.. But recently Kissmetrics released this beauty on a Starbucks case study, and I got jazzed up all over again: .

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How To Calculate Customer Lifetime Value
Source: How To Calculate Lifetime Value

Here's the deal. The average Starbucks customer spends just $5.90 per visit. Not very exciting.

But with Starbuck's RELENTLESS focus on customer experience, they have got the average customer visiting 4.2 times - per WEEK.

That means those returning customers spend a whole 24.30 weekly. Getting interesting huh? 

Let's turn that up to 11. 

Taking various things into consideration - the average Lifetime Value of a customer is $14 099... 

That's a lot of $5.90's. 2389.6 to be precise. 

And my favourite part of that infographic: 

"Starbucks must spend less than $14 099 to acquire a new customer. If Starbucks spends more than $14 099 per acquisition over the course of the average lifespan, they could be losing money." 

This way Starbucks has a pretty decent idea of what a customer is worth to them in the long haul. And all they need to do is keep them happy.

With that in mind, in 7 tiny days I'm off to Canada. Toronto, Mississauga (definitely admitting I don't know how to pronounce that...) to be precise. 

And once I'm there we're getting down and dirty prepping for the bootcamp - I get to show some rad companies exactly why Customer Lifetime Value is the metric to be tracking.

But wait, there's more 

I also get to show them how to get more CLV out of their existing list. 

I'm breaking down the following topics: 

  • The psychology of Engagement
  • How to plan  your Re-engagement strategy - the specific campaign structure, the emails and the offers
  • How to level up your Re-engagement
  • Building an Engagement Machine
  • The fundamental elements every business needs for a cash machine
  • Deconstructions of real life successes 

I mean really. Like WHAAAAT? How cool is that??

I. Can. Not. Wait.

I haven't even told you the best part yet - I'm hosting this all with the AMAZING Rebecca Mountain. On her home turf. 

Rebecca and I have been working together for over 4 years now... and we've not met in person. Which is ridiculous.... 

I'm ready to blow minds and explode businesses. If you're going to be there, I can't wait to get my hands on your campaigns. 

It's going to be a profitable blast.

See you soon Canada! 

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