What are tags and how are they used in Infusionsoft and Infusionsoft by Keap Part 2

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Sep 30
What are tags and how are they used in Infusionsoft and Keap by Infusionsoft Part 2 blog

A few weeks ago I started writing  a blog on what tags are and how they are used in Infusionsoft, and Infusionsoft by Keap. 

I realised that there were so many different ways in which tags could be used, that I decided to split the post into two. 

We all love to sit down with a cuppa to soak up all this lovely Ninja knowledge, but we can get too much of a good thing, right? 

So hopefully, my tagging blog part one was just enough to provide you with some insight into the wonderful world of tagging, but left you wanting to know more about how  these awesome segmenting tools could be used.

Just in case you didn’t read part one, and would like to get up to speed, here it is

As promised in part one, here’s what I’m going to be covering:

  • Applying/Removing tags within a campaign sequence

  • Using tags to configure decision diamonds

  • Using tags to move contacts to a broadcast/newsletter list

If you need some help with your tags, we can do a MOT on your app and get you organised!

Applying/Removing tags within a campaign sequence

In part one, I explained how tags can be used at the beginning and ends of campaigns, but they can also be applied midway campaign sequences.

Tags applied in the middle of a sequence usually define a period of time that has elapsed or a milestone, or they can simply be used as a reporting tool, to let you know exactly where a contact is, or has been in a specific campaign. 

In the short video below, I’m going to show you how to apply and then remove a tag in a campaign sequence. I’m going to use reporting tags as an example - these tags could then be used to let you know which sequences your contacts are in, within a certain campaign, and also let you know which sequences they have been in.

As with all tags you create, make sure you label them according to their function. As these are reporting tags, I’m going to use the following naming convention:

Campaign name > Sequence name> ACTIVE or HISTORICAL, and put them in a “Campaign Reporting” category ie.

Campaign Reporting> Blog test - SQ1 Mel's email tips 1-3 - ACTIVE 

I’ll then be able to use that tag in a contact search to show me all my contacts who are currently active in that sequence.

As in the video, always make sure to remove the active tag at the end of each sequence.

Using tags to configure decision diamonds

 When you create a campaign, some of your goals may have more than one possible outcome, and each outcome may take the contact down a different path. 

This is where decision diamonds come in, and using tags to configure them will put your contacts into the appropriate sequence.

Decision diamonds are created automatically when a campaign goal or a campaign sequence connects to two or more sequences.

In the example below, there is a webform goal connected to two sequences: Horror and Action. The sign-up form asks the user what is their favourite film genre. if they choose Horror, they go into the Horror sequence, and if they choose Action, they go into the Action sequence. 

Of course, this will only work if each of the webform options apply a tag when they are selected, so my short video below will show you how to do this, as well as showing you how to configure your decision diamond, using your tags and so putting your contacts into the correct preceding sequence.

Finally, I’m going to show you how we can use tags to send contacts to a broadcast/newsletter list.

Using tags to send contacts to a Broadcast/Newsletter list

So, you have a number of campaigns running smoothly in your Infusionsoft app, but what happens to your contacts when they reach the end of a campaign, or just can’t move any further along? 

Now is the time to add those contacts to your newsletter/broadcast list, and we can do that by using tags.

This pretty much works in the same way as using tags to stop a campaign, in that we’ll need to apply a “Move to broadcast/newsletter” tag in each campaign bucket sequence. 

If you’re unsure as to what a bucket sequence is, I explained it in my tags part 1 blog, but just for reference, here it is again:

NB. Bucket sequences are sequences in a campaign where contacts can go no further, or if they are in an “If this, then that” scenario.

In the video below, I show you how to apply the “Move to broadcast/newsletter” tag in each bucket sequence, and then how you can search for all your contacts in your newsletter/broadcast list, when you’re ready to send out your newsletter/broadcast.

 As my Infusionsoft app is a test app, you will see that when I run my contacts search, no one has the move to broadcast/newsletter tag, but hopefully you’ll have lots of lovely contacts eagerly awaiting your next newsletter 🙂

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