What is a Marketing Therapy Session?

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Jan 28
What is a Marketing Therapy Session?

Need help with your marketing?

Struggling to get your marketing to take flight? Got a specific problem. Or the opposite, have no idea where you are going wrong? A Marketing Therapy Session might be exactly what you need to help tackle your problems. 

A Marketing Therapy Session is a 30 minute call with an expert to identify the gaps in your marketing.

Now therapy is not a dirty word (and I know a lot of them). 

I know that a stigma still exists and that a lot of people tend to see it only as a remedy for something that is mentally unwell. We can’t blame them because this is traditionally how therapy has been explained. 

The literal definition of therapy is; “The treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means”.

But it is so much more than that. 

Therapy can be a strengthening agent or a preventative measure. It can also act as an impartial expert or mediate between conflicting parties. 

It doesn’t have to be for depression, anxiety, PTSD or a failing marriage. It can also be for someone who has lost their direction, for a new marriage wanting to start off on the right foot or for someone who just needs to talk. 

A good therapist is a guide and facilitator rather than instructor. They gently prod and nudge until more often than not you discover the answer for yourself deep in the crevices of your overcrowded brain.  

Sometimes we just need to talk things out with an expert to figure out the best solution to our problem, whatever that may be. 

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What is a Marketing Therapy Session?

A marketing therapy session is quite simply therapy for your marketing. 

What we mean by this is that you have a thirty minute chat with an expert who helps you figure out the best solution for your marketing problem.

For example, maybe your list is unengaged or your customers only buy once and don’t come back. Maybe your ROI isn’t as healthy as you’d like or you aren’t generating the type of leads you want. 

Whatever it is - there is always room for improvement and a therapy session does just that for you.

I’d like to walk you through a session, it always helps when we know what to expect because it can help us prepare and it puts us at ease (and takes away the image of lying on a couch in a room with a stereotypical therapist).

Imagine you are a business owner of a bespoke lamp company. You have a list of 500 prospects. You have marketing automation software but aren’t using it coherently. 

What are your marketing goals?

The first thing we do is figure out your goals. Establishing your goals is a starting point because it gives us an objective. 

Our lamp business owner’s goal is to grow their list, improve active engagement and to increase repeat customers. 

So we have goals laid out and at the forefront of our minds. 

What are your marketing problems?

Next we go over the problems. The reasons these goals aren’t being realised. Why have they not been achieved? What are the obstacles?

The lamp business is struggling to get more prospects to sign up, hasn’t been sending out regular content and has no follow up after a sale. 

We use the problems and goals combined to align where you are with what you are striving to achieve. 

What is the marketing solution?

On the call we tackle your goals and problems predominantly. We may test some solutions but really we need to go away and give it the thought it needs.

The solutions we would prepare for the lamp business would be;

  • Create two lead magnets with the intention to encourage sign ups

  • Develop a feasible content plan that is backed up with data

  • Build a long term nurture campaign to grow relationships

  • Design a feedback loop for after sales

Book a marketing therapy session...

Lie back on the proverbial couch and let us dig deep into all your marketing problems

What action can you take?

We’re not trying to trick you into needing us - so we give you the how to. This is so that you can go off and implement it into your business sans ninjas.

Lead magnets

Create 2 freebies that people want to sign up for. For example; most eco-friendly lamps in 2020 or a checklist to adding atmospheric lighting to your home.

Content plan

Pick the keywords relevant to your business and research them using a tool like Mangools. For our lamp business owner it might be things like; bespoke lamps, interior lighting etc.

You can read our extensive blog post on how to build a content plan here.

Long term nurture campaign

A long term nurture campaign is a campaign that regularly sends out content to your list. A weekly blog for example.

If you need guidance on how to build one and what to include, have a look at our blog here.

Feedback loop

A feedback loop is basically follow up. You can set up a series of emails to go out to customers following a sale requesting a testimonial or asking for photos of their lamp in their space. 

This keeps engagement hot and encourages cross sell and upsell opportunities. 

We take all of this and compile it into a document for your business supported by solution data and present that all to you and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Is a marketing therapy session relevant for me?

We’ve briefly touched on who marketing therapy sessions are for but I wanted to expand on that a little more.

The session is for businesses who have marketing goals that they need some help achieving. Even if you have a super successful business, it is so important to always try and do better.

Your sales could be off the charts but you might be losing thousands of pounds in cart abandonment.

Your engagement could be fantastic but your conversions just aren’t quite what you want them to be. 

These are some of the common goals we come across in these sessions;

  • Better lead generation

  • Building their list

  • Improving quality of leads

  • Need customer journey

  • Want to implement automated marketing

  • Better ROI

  • More sign ups

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Happier customers

  • Return customers

  • Better engagement with list

If you need help with any of the above and aren’t quite sure how to effectively get there then this session is relevant to you. 

If you have a well oiled machine but no automated marketing, then this session is relevant to you.

If you want to strategically improve how you market your service or product, then this session is relevant to you.

How can a marketing therapy session help my business?

The actionable solutions we share with you are crafted specifically to get your business to your goal. 

What this means is that whatever problem you carried into the marketing therapy session will poof and disappear - I’m joking.

But it will take steps to overcome that problem. Remember our lamp analogy?

Let’s remind ourselves of one of their problems: struggling to get more sign ups. We have suggested the action of a lead magnet - which will work but not with the click of your fingers.

The first lead magnet may not attract the leads you’re hoping it will or maybe a different offering would be better - a video perhaps.

The point is that adding strategic actions to problems will bring positive change to your business. As this change morphs and grows so will your strategy and ultimately your ROI.

If a business that has never considered lead magnets before launches two - it will attract attention. If they are targeted at the right audience then you’re laughing all the way to the land of higher conversions. Everyone likes higher conversions. 

You really do have nothing to lose bar 30 minutes of your time.

Is this a clever trick to get me on a sales call?

We all hate filling in a form just to be tricked into a half hour sales pitch that offers no benefit to our business. I promise that is not what this is. The marketing therapy session is not a sales call.

There’s no pushing in one direction. There’s no ultimatums. There’s no bullshit.

This is a fact finding call to establish your problems, your goals and the best solutions. 

Once we have that we create an actionable document and then chat over that with you.

If you need help following that - that’s on you. If not, you'll be given all the information you need to be able to go off and do it yourself. 

It’s like cruising around the mall and getting free samples - you’re getting a hefty taste of our methodology and how we implement it. 

AND we give you the how to so you can do it without us if you want to.

Win win.

For those in the back - not a sales call.

What is the next step?

If you’d like to take us up on this free taster - hit the button below;

I’ll then get a notification and pop you an email to book a call in. 

Once that’s all scheduled - you can gather your problems and goals in preparation and then have the 30 minute session with a ninja.

We then take what we’ve learnt and make a fancy PDF for you. We’ll then get in touch to let you know it’s ready and have a follow up call to go over how it works and how to implement everything. 

And that’s it.

If you’re interested in ninja support - ask about our services on the call or pop us an email. 

Don’t forget that therapy is to get even stronger as a business. 

Food for your business’ strategy. 

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