Why Killer Content Matters

By Kenda Macdonald | Content Marketing

Jun 06

Content’s pretty important right?

If you’re a regular visitor to the Ninjas blog you’ll know by now that we bang on about it quite a lot. Not without good reason of course.

Although you’ve probably heard the reasons why from us and a hundred other marketing consultancies before. The main reason of which is always the same – because Google says so.

While that is absolutely true – the Googles does indeed demand the newness – that’s a requirement in the same way that making money is a result of doing business.

Making money isn’t (hopefully) why you get out of bed every morning so putting content on your website shouldn’t be to make Google happy, it should be delight your prospects and your customers.

If it doesn’t it will fail in both pleasing Google and pleasing your customers and that most certainly won’t please your bank balance come the end of the quarter.

Content has to achieve something otherwise what’s the point? Chucking up the odd blog and praying to the Gods of the Internet that it’ll work is as effective a marketing strategy as standing on the roof of your building and shouting at people in the street.

Sure, some people may hear you but they’re not going to act on anything you say.

Content fails because of 3 reasons. Sometimes it’s one or these, sometimes it’s all of them, but the result in always the same.

  1. You don’t understand who you’re talking to
  2. You don’t understand how they interact with your business throughout their lifecycle
  3. You don’t understand what’s important – or valuable – to them.

But what this all adds up to is bad planning. Or no planning. Don’t feel bad if you fall into the second camp, you are far from a lone. It’s more of a metropolis than a camp.

To cover this in a bit more detail here’s a video of me…talking about why content planning – like the content itself –  is both important and rad. If you hang on til the end you’ll learn about the awesome Killer Content workshop we have coming up.

The workshop will be held on the 26th June and promises to fill your mind to the brim with all the knowledge you need to nail your content plan as well as provide a new understanding of your customers and how you interact with them throughout their lifecycle.
Click the big button to learn more about the workshop (and the stay in a swanky hotel) and to sign up.

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