Why (Ninja) Workshops are Awesome

By Kenda Macdonald | Behaviour & Marketing Psychology

May 15
Why Workshops are Awesome

We’re big fans of marketing workshops.

Webinars are cool and everything – because who doesn’t love staring at their computer screen – but there’s something pretty magical about a workshop.

Granted it’s a day out of the office which can feel like a stress but remember this: there’s always work to do. If there wasn’t you’d be redundant. Which would be bad.

So accept that there’ll be a bit of a back log and embrace the fact that it’s a day out of the office. Never underestimate the power of distance to give you perspective.

Plus you might get to visit somewhere you’ve never been before and that’s never a bad thing.

But it’s also a chance to learn about something new distraction free! To invest in your skills and your contribution to the business.

Be honest – how many times have we been watching a webinar and someone has come over with a pressing task and you’ve obliged? Or used that hour to covertly catch up with your emails interruption free?

Or, if the webinar is really boring, just stared blankly at the screen, idly wondering what you’re evening plans are whilst trying to stay awake?

Just me for the last one?

A seminar or workshop is one of those really rare occasions when individuals from businesses come together on completely neutral ground to learn some cool stuff, share neat ideas and be among like minded people.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, in your average SME there’s often only one marketing person and they’re the odd one out in their organisation so the importance for them to connect with other marketers and share different approaches can’t be overstated.

Why Ninjas hold workshops

So we’ve established that it’s a day out of the office, away from emails, nagging colleagues and deadlines.

I mean, it’s not but it is. At least it should be.

The number of times we’ve been part of a workshop and watched someone frantically checking emails instead of listening to the speaker or engaging with their group is incalculable. There’s always one who can’t let go.

If you’re that busy something has gone terribly wrong either systemically or accidentally. Either way if you’re paying to be there but mentally you’re back at the office then you’re not going to get anything out of it.

We hold workshops to help marketers and their businesses to fulfil their potential, so you don’t have to sit there and frantically work away, squandering the opportunity to learn something new and groovy.

We want to share rad ideas and make the people we meet as excited about this crazy industry as we are.

We hold workshops to challenge assumptions, change opinions and impart some ninjary know-how.

We do this because if we help enough business do things the right way then little by little we change the world for the better.

And that’s pretty awesome.

Not all Workshops are created equal

Workshops are an amazing opportunity for you as a professional to push the boundaries of your knowledge. As marketers we should always be looking into the Abyss of Uncertainty and challenging ourselves to learn more and try new approaches.

It’s no accident that people like Simon Sinek and Jonah Berger have become as successful as they did. They invested significantly in their learning and became thought leaders in the industry as a result.

Everyone has that potential – Ninjas was built on that belief – we just have to value our learning enough to get us there.

Far too many events will have experts stand at the front of the room and throw ideas at you. That’s cool. Ideas are great. But then you’re left alone to try and apply that knowledge to your business. Alone. Based on a concept that was hastily delivered in a 3-5 minute window.

There’s a chance you’ll be staring at the edge of the abyss but it won’t be uncertainty, it’ll be panic. Or – even worse – indifference from the company leadership. It won’t be because they don’t believe in you but because you’ll be trying to rock the new methodology Han Solo.

And that’s really hard.

But that’s why we work so hard to make our workshops as barnstormingly awesome as possible. It’s not just another day sat in a trendy conference room somewhere staring it a PowerPoint presentation.

We put you to work: not just teaching you those new methodologies and new skills but how you can apply that to your business. So you leave the following morning with a smile on your face, a sore head* and really clear path to improving the relationship between you and your customers.

If that all sounds epic then sign up for our Lifecycle Marketing workshop right now.

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