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You are ready. Ready to nail your marketing automation and customer journey.

But you want to do it right. You want an in-depth, comprehensive approach to the marketing automation and customer journey.  

That’s where we come in. We offer a range of one-to-one services. 

Whether you need intensive help on an on going monthly basis or you just want to work with us on a one-off basis we can help get your marketing in the best shape of it’s life 


Elite is an intensive, all encompassing plan for nailing your marketing automation and reaching your business growth goals. It gives you access to the entire ninja skill set in strategy, content and implementation

MAD is our flagship, all encompassing service for designing and implementing your perfect customer journey. It’s all about giving you the best competitive advantage with a supreme behavioural journey.

Work one-to-one with a ninja for a day

We can create a fully personalised day entirely suited to your business needs. Whether you are looking for us to work with a small managerial group or your entire team. 

What our ninjas say

Since 2016 we’ve between 20% and 50% growth per year. We knew at the start we’d have to commit a lot of resources to build and implement what we wanted and set aside a budget of several tens of thousands of pounds for this. But it ended up paying for itself because the increase in sales along the way more than covered the cost.

Kenda McDonald (the boss) is a nerdy genius with a background in forensic psychology who has designed a ‘machine’ that understands our clients’ behaviour and automatically responds to it with my voice. It’s like having 1000 clones of myself all beavering away in the background – without the need for supervision. As a business we now fully understand our clients’ needs and can give them exceptional value, so they are delighted to recommend us. (Search ‘Mike Browne Photography Course Reviews’ if you’d like to see some)

Behavioural marketing automation is not a quick fix, it’s a long-term project which takes time and effort. Ninjas are friendly, fun, flexible, professional, diligent, they tell-it-like-it-is and are everything one would want in a partnership. Working with Kenda and her Ninjas is without doubt one of the best investments I have ever made.

Mike Browne - Founder

hack the buyer brain

Get a look into our head ninja’s brain and unpack consumer psychology and the stages of the buying process in an accessible way.