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Hello there! It's me, Kenda :)

Thanks for dropping by, I'm so glad you're interested in my new book! I'm having the best time writing it and can't wait to share all the nuggets of wisdom with you!

So, what's the book about? 

The working title for my book is 'Conscious Consumerism', it's all about the Art and Science of Cognitive Bias in Marketing. 

I explore how biases corrupt marketing and what you can do to help your audience make better decisions. I dig deep into an array of biases, and uncover the content that helps decisions get made.

Here's a little taster of what will be covered:

  • What cognitive bias really is
  • The ethics of using psychology in marketing
  • The 4 times bias is going to affect your marketing
  • The individual biases that ruin marketing
  • The content you can create to help decisions

It's a fun and light romp through how the brain works when it makes decisions, but with actionable takeaways and real science.

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