We build world class customer journeys using buyer psychology and marketing automation. 

Better quality leads, higher conversion rates, more customers that stick around for longer, spend more and are happier.

Want to know how to build your world class customer journey?


Marketing Automation Domination (MAD)

You need to get s**t done. Work one to one with the ninjas to design and implement your perfect customer journey

and Projects

You need bite sized help.
Pick and choose a service to nail the problem you have right now.

Marketing Automation

You need to skill up. Access our Academy and learn how you can do it yourself with our awesome strategies

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Modern marketing

We evolved to survive - not buy things online. The way the brain is wired can ruin even the most carefully planned marketing. Understand how it all works with insights from neuroscience and psychology - all made accessible and actionable within our world class framework.

Who are Automation Ninjas?

Combining Marketing Automation and Buyer Psychology for Customer Journeys That Convert

As a multi award winning agency, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of marketing automation and helping you understand your audience with insights from psychology. We bring the two together to design and craft automation journeys, ensuring you get the most efficient and effective strategies and campaigns.

We’re a team of experts in:

  • Buyer psychology
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Email marketing, strategy and design and more.

Book a ninja to speak

Looking for a unique talk for your conference or event? Something that will change the way your audience approaches marketing for good? Want a talk that will blow peoples minds and have them rave about it on social media? 

Kenda Macdonald is a bestselling author and world renowned speaker, talking globally on topics ranging:

  1. Buyer psychology and its effects on marketing
  2. Sales and Marketing automation
  3. Content marketing and why the brain loves it
  4. The customer journey
  5. How the brain works and what your industry can learn from it

As a consistently top rated speaker she’ll provide you with an insightful talk, catered to your audience with takeaways and worksheets they can use to put the information into action straight away. Your audience will be excited, entertained and motivated! 

We are multi award winning ninjas


Mike Browne: Picture This Ltd.

I always love working with Kenda and her Ninjas. There’s no BS. They get straight to the point and are fantastic at asking questions that force me to think about my pipelines, sales ladders and funnels from a new, previously unconsidered angle.

This results in a great plan which can be easily implemented from the beginning.

Rebecca Mountain – CEO – Impetus Consulting

The Automation Ninjas are incredible. I had lagged behind in launching my elite coaching program, because the ONLY part I could not do was my Infusionsoft® CRM programming.

The Ninjas were outstanding – they got me up and running, which allowed me to make $70,000 in one week, with only a few hours of work because the entire thing was automated.

I have already recommended 3 people to them, and I’d recommend 3,000 more.

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