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Hop on a free call with us to chat about what’s going on in your world at the moment, and how you can enhance your marketing. Whether you’re getting started or a marketing ninja, we’ll help you work through your biggest challenges and concerns. You’ll leave the session with a plan and your next steps nailed.

Our recent awards


Mike Browne – CEO – Picture This Ltd

I always love working with Kenda and her Ninjas. There’s no BS. They get straight to the point and are fantastic at asking questions that force me to think about my pipelines, sales ladders and funnels from a new, previously unconsidered angle.

This results in a great plan which can be easily implemented from the beginning.

Rebecca Mountain – CEO – Impetus Consulting

The Automation Ninjas are incredible. I had lagged behind in launching my elite coaching program, because the ONLY part I could not do was my Infusionsoft® CRM programming.

The Ninjas were outstanding – they got me up and running, which allowed me to make $70,000 in one week, with only a few hours of work because the entire thing was automated.

I have already recommended 3 people to them, and I’d recommend 3,000 more.

Emma Warren – MD – Elite Staffing Solutions

We started working with Kenda and her team a few months before the world ground to a halt through Covid-19. They created a bespoke plan for our team to work to in order to improve our marketing and automation of lead generation.

They have held my hand through ensuring we produce meaningful content week in, week out and are always on hand to give advice and support.

They have revolutionised the way we look at communicating with our prospects and existing clients and every aspect of our marketing. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Karen MacFadyen – CEO – CakeCoachOnline

372% increase in monthly sales, 266% more contacts on my list, 139% more customers.

The stats say it all.

Automation Ninjas are an essential part of my business.

Laura Card – Head of Brand and Lead Generation – Manpower

Kenda took the time to really understand our business, pointing out where we could increase the efficiency of the work that we’re doing in marketing.

I came away with some great food for thought, without the heavy sell.

Carol Clark – The Doggy Doctor – Down Dog Training and Behaviour

I’ve now got ideas for nurture campaigns, know how to deal with objections (and give outstanding offers) and the re-engagement one.

The Academy sessions are very informative, full of really important information – and great fun too. Every small business owner should join!

Arfa Iqbal – Digital Marketing Consultant

We’ve been working with Kenda on improving our list engagement and sales and a fundamental part of this process has been getting the avatars right and optimising campaigns to ensure we’ve got our customer journeys clearly defined.

We’ve seen our sales improve month on month with no signs of stopping, which is absolutely fantastic!!

If you’re serious about growing your business, I highly recommend you work with The Ninjas.

Tracey Tait – Marketing Training & Consultant –

Since joining the Academy I have a better grasp of my customer journey. Kenda is helping me to create that seamless customer journey I’m after.

Should you join the Marketing Automation Academy? Abso-blinking-lutely if you want your best ever mapped out customer journey AND marketing automation to support it.

Rin Hamburg – Founder & Creative Director – Rin Hamburgh & Co

If you’re looking to up your automation game but you aren’t ready to bring the experts in to do it for you just yet, joining the Marketing Automation Academy is a no brainer.

Firstly, you’ll get access to literally everything you need to know to implement your own marketing automation strategy.

You’ll also be able to join in with the living training and challenges, which are invaluable for keeping you on track.  Kenda is not only an expert at what she does but a fantastic teacher – encouraging, fun and full of practical tips and helpful feedback.