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How to nail your value proposition

When you walk into a shop and it’s immediately clear what they sell, what their focus is and how their products can improve your life – you almost float in.  You deftly follow the subtle cues they have to guide you from section to section before ending up at the till in the most organic

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How to build a Non Disclosure Agreement campaign

You’ve created all your lovely online content, and are ready to release it to your faithful customers. But what is stopping those customers from sharing your amazing content with the rest of the world? You’ve worked damned hard, and put all of your hard earned expertise into creating this for them, so why would you

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What is a Marketing Therapy Session?

Need help with your marketing? Struggling to get your marketing to take flight? Got a specific problem. Or the opposite, have no idea where you are going wrong? A Marketing Therapy Session might be exactly what you need to help tackle your problems.  A Marketing Therapy Session is a 30 minute call with an expert

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How to Create Your Infusionsoft by Keap Email signature

I’ve got a bit of a thing about email signatures.  I’ve seen them a little overlooked (Boring! Faceless! Underwhelming) and I’ve seen them over engineered (All the colours! Too much information! Weirdly formatted!).   If you’re using Infusionsoft by Keap then hopefully you have yours set up and your email signature gives a little info about

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An example of a lead magnet delivery campaign

You’ve created a great lead magnet you know your consumers are going to love, but now you need to deliver it… This is one of the cornerstones to using marketing automation to generate new leads and save time by automating the follow up.   Whether your prospects will be filling out a form on your website,

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